Trending Travel Destinations for 2020

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Louis Dhont

Published on: December 12th, 2019

Last modified: July 28th, 2023

At Jacada, we take our role as travel experts seriously. We only recommend the very best locations, experiences, hotels and restaurants to our clients, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to creating unique, authentic holidays for you.

In order to do this, every year we must look ahead at the year to come, with a focus on travel trends and major world events. We make note of new flight routes, hotel openings and restaurant debuts, and work tirelessly on refining our list of travel destinations by scouring tourism statistics and speaking to our network of experts.

From slow-travel destinations that remain relatively untouched by tourism to exhilarating adventure holidays that everyone will be talking about this time next year, our list of trending holiday destinations and experiences for 2020 has something to inspire every type of traveller.


1) Slovenia

A low-key hideaway compared to its neighouring countries of Croatia and northeastern Italy, the world is just starting to appreciate all that this breathtaking country has to offer. With its charming sun-drenched Adriatic coastline, stunning lakes, green mountains, historic towns, fine wine and fabulous food, Slovenia truly encapsulates everything that makes this corner of Europe so appealing. The best thing about Slovenia, though, is that most people haven’t discovered what a beautiful, hidden gem it is (yet).

Aerial view of Bohinj lake in Julian Alps. Popular touristic destination in Slovenia.

Jacada Recommends:

Hiša Franko Tasting Menu

Enjoy a fabulous tasting menu at Hiša Franko, a renowned restaurant of Ana Ros, voted by her peers as The World’s Best Female Chef in 2017, and her husband, Valter, who curates the wine and cheese cellar. Using seasonal, hyper-local ingredients such as trout, venison, wild herbs, flowers, apples, nuts and all kinds of mushrooms, the monthly changing menu is refined and delicate, yet still as honest and unpretentious as the surrounding mountains.

Food and wine, Slovenia

2) Colombia

Considered the gateway to Latin America, this colourful country has seen a remarkable transformation over the last 25 years. Bogota and Medellin are now thriving metropoles bursting at the seams with galleries and museums, while the coffee triangle region boasts an array of charming colonial towns, rolling hills and wax palm plantations, and the north is home to the impossibly romantic city of Cartagena. From visiting horse breeders in private hacienda’s outside of Medellin to learning the local game “tejo” from art gallery owners in Bogota, there are endless opportunities for unique and authentic experiences in what Jacada predicts will be the most talked-about country in Latin America next year.

Colonial buildings in the streets of Filandia, Colombia

Jacada Recommends:

Cartagena Sunset Kayaking

After being collected from your hotel, you will absorb the beauty of Cartagena and its bay from a different perspective as you spend the sunset kayaking beside this historic city. The beautiful Caribbean sunset will illuminate the city in golden hues as your private host helps to guide you through the waters.

Motorized canoe for transporting passengers from one bank to another river. Colombia

3) Japan

Having just hosted the Rugby World Cup, Japan is already looking toward its next major event: the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. There is more to this unique, vibrant country than the events it plays host to, though, and with everyone looking to visit in line with summer 2021, there has never been a better time to explore this exciting destination. Combining ancient culture with exquisite natural landscapes and dazzling modernity, this Asian nation is stirring an increasing number of travellers’ souls.


Jacada Recommends:

A visit to Meiji-jingū

Tokyo’s largest and most famous Shintō shrine transports you to a world far disposed from the city. It’s reached via a long, rambling forest path marked by towering torii (entrance gates). The grounds comprise of mass expanses, enveloping the classic wooden shrine buildings and a landscaped garden in a thick coat of green. Meiji-jingū is a place of worship and a memorial to Emperor Meiji, but it’s also a place for traditional festivals and rituals, where weddings are held and milestones celebrated.

4) Siberia, Russia

Siberia is a magical destination regardless of the season. It is truly multifaceted, with freezing winters painting the vast and impressive landscapes white with snow, and summer bringing with it a magnificent burst of colour. In winter you can enjoy dog sled rides and dine upon frozen lakes, whilst summer is perfect for getting close to the amazing wildlife, such as the freshwater seal. Take a boat ride on the lake and marvel at the beauty around you, as this region becomes one of the hottest places in Russia.

Ice surface of frozen Baikal lake

Jacada Recommends:

Dog Sled Ride

This is the place where the famous and cuddly Siberian huskies originated from. Experience the traditional mode of transportation used in these frozen northern climates for centuries. Climb on board and skim over the snow on a wooden sled drawn by a team of dogs who are trained to haul loads over the wintry trails of Siberia.


5) Indonesia

In the heart of southeast Asia, Indonesia is a wonderful place to get off the beaten track. Home to over 17,000 islands, there’s something for everyone in this idyllic archipelago. It’s really tough to sum up this incredible island nation in just a few sentences; it’s unlike anywhere else, with an energy all of its own. Where else can you go from towering Buddhist monuments and smoking active volcanoes, to some of the world’s best diving and spotting real-life dragons? Along with its world-class hotels, Indonesia is the destination that just keeps on giving.

Jacada Recommends:

Borobudur at Sunset

The Borobudur Temple is an outstanding dynastic monument of the Syailendra Dynasty, that ruled Java for five centuries. You’ll visit at a particularly magical time, enjoying the sun slowly setting and a mighty volcano emerging from the shadows. As total silence befalls the ancient monument, turn on your torch to take in the intricate carvings along the walls.


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