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Pristine forests, vibrant cities and wildlife

One of the northernmost countries in the world, Finland is a spectacular destination. The pristine scenery is waiting to be explored, whether you’re a keen winter sports enthusiast, ardent hiker, or simply someone who loves spending time in nature.

The area was first inhabited around the end of the last ice age, which would explain the geography. The landscape is mostly flat with very few hills and mountains, due to the erosion of thick glaciers.

Largely unspoiled, Finland boasts 40 national parks. Explore the taiga forests and fens and you may spot the national animal, the brown bear, elk, wolverines and grey wolves. Also, look out for Finland’s national bird, the whooper swan. The forests are particularly magical when the trees are clumped with snow, creating otherworldly scenes.

It’s also believed to be the home of the ‘real’ Father Christmas and children of all ages from across the globe make the journey to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland to meet the man himself. You’ll also spot reindeer grazing serenely all across the country – whether any of them have a bright, shiny nose is still uncertain.

Get your dose of culture at a variety of art galleries and museums in the busy city of Helsinki, then head out onto the water and explore the archipelago that fans out into the Gulf of Finland.

In the summertime, the midnight sun shines all day, for around 70 days in a row in some parts of the country. In winter, the polar night is bitterly cold and can last months depending on where and when you visit. If you head north to Lapland you’ll have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights between autumn and spring.

Dependent on the weather, active adventurers can go skiing, hiking or kayaking, while others may choose a leisurely day of golf, fishing or birdwatching.

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Need to Know

is the local time
Helsinki is the capital city
Karjalanpaisti is Finland's national dish

When to go

A visit to Finland can be equally rewarding whether you visit in summer or winter. If you will be spending time in Finnish Lapland, then the winter months, from mid-October until the beginning of May, are when the area is at its most beautiful. But if you'll be spending more time in the cities, then you should plan your trip for summer. The warmest day of the year falls in July, and north of the Arctic Circle, there are days where the sun doesn't set at all in summer.


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