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Incredible journeys to Antarctica's pristine lands

Incredible journeys to Antarctica's pristine lands

One of the most alluring and untouched places in the world, Antarctica has a great appeal in being one of the last outposts of wilderness in the modern world. This is a truly magnificent and pristine continent, with stunning scenery and wildlife. Few destinations can compare in the spirit of adventure and sense of accomplishment you feel having visited the White Continent.

Jacada has selected the finest means of visiting this grand location. Classic Antarctica Cruises will bring you around the shimmering Antarctic Peninsula while an Extended Cruise will let you journey further, typically taking in the Falkland Archipelago and wild South Georgia Island.

If you have the time, you can cross the Drake Passage and arrive in Antarctica by boat. But for those with a limited period in which to travel, skip the Passage and fly straight to the Antarctic Peninsula to board your expedition vessel on a Fly-Cruise to maximise your time spent here.

Our Luxury Antarctica Private Yacht Charters come with a number of perks. Firstly, the flexibility of a private charter means that you can be in control of your own trip, deciding on which activities you wish to undertake and when, making the most of conditions. The only people who live in Antarctica are scientists – and you can visit these dedicated few that study this fascinating continent. With smaller groups, scientific base visits can be more personalised and longer, since the base personnel only have to deal with – for example – 12 people rather than 150. It’s also easier to invite scientists out on the yacht for dinner and one-on-one conversation.

Adventurous souls can choose to stay in an Antarctica Camp. These camps have been especially adapted to provide comfort in extreme conditions and will allow you to feel fully immersed in the spectacular terrain of the White Continent, venturing out on intrepid excursion and even flights to the South Pole.

Every time I go through my Antarctica photos, I’m surprised: “Wow, I’ve been there?” We began our Antarctica exploration on a foggy day where we paddled our kayaks through icebergs shrouded by mystical vapor. My very first encounter with Antarctica was like visiting a liquid nitrogen ice cream lab. On a different day at Neko Harbour, it was sunny with a blue sky; I was simply sitting back – in awe of the mirrored crushed ice and mini icebergs on the glassy water surface.

Joyce Choi
Chief Travel Uplifter

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The best time to go to Antarctica is during its summer season, which lasts from November to March. December and January are the best time to go for wildlife spotting. From mid to late December the penguin chicks start to hatch, and in January you will catch the the feeding frenzy that ensues. February to early March is the best time to spot whales, and there are generally a good number of fur seals to be seen too.