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The Jacada Positive Impact Collection is a curated selection of properties spanning Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. At the heart of this collection lies our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world.

Each property within this collection is dedicated to fostering positive change by implementing a range of initiatives that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These initiatives encompass key elements of sustainability, focusing on environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic development.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we emphasise reducing carbon footprints, conserving natural resources, promoting community engagement and fostering cultural preservation.

When done right, tourism becomes a force for positive change, and your stay at these hotels becomes a powerful way to magnify the impact on the destination you’re exploring.

At the heart of the Positive Impact Collection lies a deep dedication to changing our world for the better. By identifying partners that have demonstrated a genuine commitment to improving social and environmental welfare, we are able to empower our guests to make informed and better choices. Including these properties within an itinerary has the power to create tangible positive change.

Natalie Lyall-Grant
Positive Impact Coordinator

Impact at the forefront, not an afterthought

We take immense pride in ensuring that all the properties we offer operate with the highest ethical standards. The Positive Impact Collection reflects our partners’ steadfast commitment to ethical, responsible and sustainable practices.

What distinguishes the Positive Impact Collection is the integral role of addressing social and environmental challenges at the core of each business, shaping their purpose and vision.

Properties part of the collection actively address location-specific issues, utilising tourism to fund expansive social and environmental initiatives.

Through educating guests, staff, and the wider community, they not only raise awareness but also foster a deeper understanding of these crucial issues. With strategic, large-scale impact goals, the ultimate aim is to actively encourage positive transformation in their local areas.

The Jacada Positive Impact Collection is designed to guide travellers in making better choices, ensuring that their stay contributes meaningfully to the greater good.

Pillars of Impact


Our rigorous methodology for evaluating properties included in the Positive Impact Collection encompasses a comprehensive assessment based on the fundamental principles of sustainability, organised around three key pillars.

Our core criteria cover community, climate and conservation efforts across diverse initiatives.

These initiatives span local sourcing practices, the cultivation of opportunities for local talent, reduction or elimination of plastics, minimisation of energy usage and the measurement of carbon emissions.

Additionally, the implementation of responsible travel policies, plans, and targets plays a crucial role, forming an integral part of our comprehensive evaluation process. In addition to these foundational aspects, specific criteria were tailored to the unique characteristics of each property.


Properties in the Positive Impact Collection actively contribute through various initiatives to positively impacting local communities. By ensuring tourism revenue significantly benefits their operating areas, they foster community well-being and development, embodying responsible and meaningful travel.

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Every property in our collection is on a path toward climate action, actively seeking ways to incorporate sustainable practices, reduce carbon emissions, enhance energy efficiency and promote environmentally responsible policies.




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Our collection members actively contribute to preserving cultural heritage, wildlife habitats, and plant ecosystems, fostering harmony between travellers and the natural world. Through dedicated conservation initiatives, they play a vital role in safeguarding the planet’s resources for future generations.

Driven by Purpose

Our Positive Impact Collection underscores our unwavering commitment to positive impact travel and ethical journeys. With sustainability at the forefront of all we do, exemplified by the groundbreaking work conducted by Wilderness, our parent company, we recognise the profound impact that tourism can have on both people and the planet.

Our dedicated team regularly conducts visits to the properties we recommend. These visits allow us to foster strong connections with our local partners, ensuring that the experiences we curate align seamlessly with our vision of positive impact travel.

By actively engaging with our partners on the ground, we also gain firsthand insights into the unique qualities and sustainable practices that make each property special. This hands-on approach enables us to guarantee an exceptional and conscientious travel experience for our guests, where every stay contributes to the well-being of the local community and environment.

The Positive Impact Collection is our proactive response to harnessing the power of travel to bring about positive change. We believe that every journey, when undertaken responsibly, has the potential to create a lasting, positive impact on the destinations we visit.

The Positive Impact Collection is a testament to our commitment to redefine travel. We believe that exploration should not only enrich the lives of travellers but also leave a positive imprint on the destinations we touch. It reflects our vision for a sustainable future, where every journey becomes an opportunity for positive change.

Alex Malcolm


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Look out for the Positive Impact Collection ribbons as you explore the Jacada website. This emblem indicates that a property is a part of the collection. To delve deeper into a property’s initiatives, visit the Positive Impact section on their respective pages, where you can find in-depth information about their actions across the three core pillars of community, climate, and conservation.


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