Sublime mountains, rugged coastlines, world-class cuisine and welcoming people

Escape to the other side of the world and discover this small country that packs a punch with rugged coastlines, pristine beaches, snow-capped mountain ranges and bubbling geysers. Add world-class cuisine and an endearing culture and it’s no surprise those who visit New Zealand are quick to fall in love with it.

The country’s two main islands are dramatically diverse, the less inhabited but larger south is home to striking lakes, epic alpine ranges, remarkable marine and birdlife and rugged coastlines. The north is rich in Maori and European culture and is home to miles of sandy beaches, surfing, verdant vineyards, thermal reserves and the country’s cosmopolitan cities of Auckland and Wellington.

A bucket list country for any lover of the outdoors, New Zealand has some of the world’s best hiking and with a population of just 4.6 million it’s easy to get a piece of this spectacular scenery all to yourself. Discover one of its nine ‘Great Walks’ or simply head out into its easily accessible wilderness to kayak tranquil inlets, hike through native bush alive with birdsong or take your pick of the endless secluded beaches. Its diverse environment is a playground for adrenaline junkies who come here in pursuit of white water rafting, skiing, caving, canyoning, skydiving, paragliding and bungee jumping.

New Zealand retains a distinct and fascinating history and culture. Traditional Maori customs are laced with colonial European heritage and a strong Asian influence – all together creating a vibrant and contemporary urban life. The locals are easy going, welcoming and their trademark self-effacing humour is infectious.

The country’s food, which was once a poor spin-off of British fare, is now a fresh and inspiring blend of new world cuisines. It boasts some of the best coffee, an exploding craft beer scene, internationally renowned wines as well as an abundance of fresh seafood.

Best of all? Thanks to its remote location and small population you can discover this country’s treasure trove of wonders away from any crowds and get an authentic taste of the life that is lived and loved by its inhabitants.

New Zealand is a small country that offers so many great places to visit – you could spend months here and still not see everything! Awe-inspiring scenery, spectacular nature, thrilling adventures, unique culture and delicious food and wine are the standard here, what you will leave you longing to return is the friendly locals who welcome you to their home with open arms and the sense of serenity you feel, whether your stargazing under the vast night sky or standing on a top of a mountain with no one in sight.

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Where to go in New Zealand

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • New Zealand Dollar is the local currency
  • Wellington is the capital city
  • Bacon and egg pie is New Zealand's national dish
  • Auckland is the country's largest city

When to go

New Zealand is a year-round destination. In summer visit the beaches and explore the country's National Parks. Spring is a mild time of year to travel and the countryside comes to life. In winter the South Island is a playground for outdoor adventures and epic scenery. Autumn sees cold, crisp days in the South Island and more mild rainy days in the North Island.