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Landlocked Bhutan, the “Land of the Dragons”, lies in the Eastern Himalayas between India and the Tibetan Plateau. It’s an all-season destination with a climate and landscape that varies widely from region to region – you’ll find subtropical plains in the south, temperate forests in the center and Polar conditions with glacial mountain peaks to the north. This diversity combined with a rich and unique cultural heritage and its remote attractiveness make it the ultimate destination on any adventurer’s itinerary.

Bhutan is the sole surviving Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom and its isolated location has enabled the country to retain its cultural originality. You’ll see this in the colourful national dress, the intricate architecture of its Dzongs, its energetic and elaborately costumed dance festivals and its unique cuisine where red rice and chillies feature predominantly. The steep ridges that divide the country’s valleys mean that each village has its own individual traditions and customs to discover too.

Bhutan is celebrated for its peaks, boasting some of the world’s highest unclimbed mountains, and its unspoilt natural environment hosts a huge range of biodiversity. It is rich in primate life and home to the Bengal tiger, clouded and snow leopard, sloth and black bear, red panda, wolf and water buffalo to name but a few rare and exotic species.

Let Jacada Travel help you to discover this remote, ancient and diverse region with a seamless and luxury, personalised itinerary. Have a browse of the example itineraries below for inspiration, and then speak to our South East Asia travel designers to start creating your perfect, tailor-made Bhutan adventure.

What really struck me when I visited Bhutan was the strong sense of traditional Buddhist culture that stays alive, even today in this wonderfully serene country.

Alex Malcolm

Inspiring destinations in Bhutan

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Ngultrum is the local currency
  • Thimphu is the capital city
  • Ema datshi is Bhutan's national dish

When to go

The best time to visit is from October to May when the climate is mainly dry and sunny.

Where will you venture?

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