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An utterly unique island

An off-the-beaten-track destination for even the most seasoned of safari goers, the remote island of Madagascar has started to emerge as a fascinating wildlife destination with a handful of sustainably minded luxury lodges and camps opening in recent years.

With 90 percent of all flora and fauna found in Madagascar endemic, and a blend of Austronesian, African, Arab and European culture, it is no stretch to call the island truly unique. As well as it’s iconic lemurs – which are reason enough for many to venture here – Madagascar has stretches of beautiful Indian Ocean coastline, exclusive island retreats, a rugged interior to be explored and a warm people to get to know.

The capital, Antananarivo (or simply ‘Tana’), sits at the heart of the country, that, without much in the way of a road network outside the city, will act as a hub for visitors. From here fly north to luxury beach resorts such as Anjajavy or Miavana, or south to the spiny forest of Androy and rugged coast near Fort Dauphin in Anosy. Hearing the indri’s haunting calls in the forests of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park are a must for wildlife lovers.

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Need to Know

is the local time
Malagasy Ariary is the local currency
Antananarivo is the capital city
Romazava is Madagascar's national dish
When is the Best Time to Go to Madagascar?

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