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Grand Tours of Europe

Experience the best of Europe on an epic multi-country trip

The original grand tour reimagined

People in the 17th and 18th centuries certainly knew how to travel. The term ‘grand tour’ originally referred to trips undertaken by the British nobility and wealthy landed gentry when they came of age. They would head across the continent in search of cultural enlightenment visiting galleries, museums and ancient ruins and attending concerts and social engagements.

Considered by many to be a rite of passage, these epic trips could last between several months and a few years. While holiday allowances today tend not to allow for quite such lengthy tours, we can put together a trip that is no less grand and just as indulgent.

With much of Europe connected by land borders and the rest accessible by boat rides or short flights, Europe is the perfect place for an epic voyage. You can be drifting along Venice’s Grand Canal one day, then hiking through the mountains of Slovenia the next.

For those after a dose of history and culture the ruins of ancient Greece and Italy await, while art lovers can get lost in Paris‘ museums and galleries and wander through the architectural gems that are scattered all across Spain. Outdoor lovers will relish the opportunity to explore the mountains of Switzerland, the Norwegian Fjords and the coastline of Portugal and when it comes to relaxing, the Greek and Croatian islands are hard to beat.

Even within countries you’ll find regional dialects, local food and drink, and people fiercely proud of their traditions. Every day in Europe brings a different adventure.

We have a team of travel designers passionate about this beautiful continent who know exactly how to get from A to B in comfort and style. The grand tour was made for Europe and is the perfect way to experience its magic.

“You guys were the only ones…”

You guys were the only ones of several agencies to look for what sounded impossible 5-day Polar Bear trip to Spitzbergen/Svalbard on sea, up north to the 80th parallel. And when I was proposed no/lousy solutions by others, you came with a -very costly BUT- very appropriate solution. And the delivery on charter Targa 52 boat and skipper/guide was beyond expectations... and we saw real full wild life polar bears and multiple “landings” in glaciers and in the middle of morse wildlife and surroundings we would not ever imagined could exist. So you are really Pros and highly “at cause”... especially since I was a perfect unknown to you when I called-up in February totally random from the sky, for that trip to be planned at very specific dates end july (flights already booked). Well well well done. NPS= 10. Thanks a kiloton

Published 09th August 2018 on TrustPilot
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Example Itineraries

Europe is the ultimate grand touring destination. Absorbing multiple countries, all in one trip, is easy with the close proximity. You can go from paddling down the Venetian canals with a gelato one day, to hiking a volcano in Iceland the next. The bountiful sights, incredible coastlines and diversity of delicious cuisine is incomparable. The variety that Europe offers makes it perfect for a huge adventure, and surely one you will never forget.

Michele Santomassimo

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