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With a capital city that’s older than Rome and an alphabet that’s among the oldest in the world, Armenia offers you the opportunity to delve into ancient history and immerse yourself in its captivating culture.

Spend your time here exploring ancient villages and learning about times long gone as you discover what truly sets Armenia apart. In 301 AD, the country was the first to adopt Christianity as the state religion and its capital Yerevan is more than 2,800 years old. Taking it back even further, in the Vayots Dzor region, you’ll find Areni-1 Winery which, at some 6,100 years old, is believed to be one of the oldest wineries yet discovered in the world.

Armenia boasts three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and also claims seven items on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Among these are the national musical instrument a duduk which is made from apricot wood and is one of the world’s oldest wind instruments. Khachkars are detailed carved-stone crosses found in towns and along hiking trails. Kochari is a traditional dance that celebrates the powerful character and identity of the Armenian people.

With stunning mountain backdrops and filled with freshwater fish, Lake Sevan is located in eastern Armenia. On a narrow peninsula you’ll find the Sevanavank Monastery with its two stone churches that date back to the 9th century. Take the plunge and dip into the icy cold waters, enjoy freshly-grilled fish on the lake shore, embark on a leisurely boat trip or visit the nearby monastery.

Despite the fact that the snow-capped dormant Mount Ararat lies within Turkey’s modern boundaries, it is the national symbol of Armenia and features on the country’s coat of arms, along with Noah’s ark, fragments of which many believe are still present on the the peak.


Browse remarkable museums and galleries in the capital city of Yerevan

Discover an eclectic mix of Soviet and modern architecture across the country

Get a taste for Armenian culture at gastro yards where you can enjoy homemade meals and join cooking classes

Explore some of the hundreds of hiking trails that criss-cross the country, or do some rock climbing

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This small country has plenty of beautiful natural sites, plenty of historic places of interest and friendly people with a deep sense of culture. 

Jack Beckford

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