Discover stunning low-lying plains filled with iconic African wildlife

Considered the largest protected wetland in the whole of Central Africa, functioning as one of the most significant refuges for savannah-dwelling species in Rwanda, Akagera National Park has been transformed from the brink of disappearing, to a world-class location for experiencing an African safari.

Located in Rwanda’s north east, along the international border with Tanzania, the park was originally founded in 1934, and its landscapes consist of savannah and swamp habitats, with several bodies of water taking up around a third of the park. Despite its previous issues with poaching, the park has been a real success story since 2010, with several species reintroduced into the area and strict law enforcement implemented to protect the park’s wildlife.

During a stay or safari in Akagera, you can expect to see the likes of 18 eastern black rhinoceros which were reintroduced to Akagera in 2017, as well as lions which were reintroduced in 2015. In addition to this, visitors can also spot buffalo, elephant, antelope, zebra, giraffe, baboons, monkeys, and hundreds of bird species.