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Sophisticated cities and magical landscapes

From proud cities and quaint villages to wild archipelagos and serene forest paths – Sweden is a true Scandinavian beauty. Its fascinating past, breath-taking scenery and rich cultural traditions make for a memorable holiday.

The region has been inhabited by Germanic people since prehistoric times, and was also home to Norsemen and Vikings. Its interesting history is evident in the cities where you will see evidence of the influences through the ages in the buildings.

You’ll find Romanesque churches in the countryside, limestone cathedrals, Baroque architecture and Functionalism (funkis). Head to the island of Gotland to see the Visby City Wall, the best preserved medieval wall in Scandinavia, and a World Heritage Site. Stretching 3.4km, it was built in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Admire the exquisite gardens and fairy-tale building of Drottningholm Palace on the island of Lovö. Let your imagination take to the seas at The Vasa Museum in Stockholm and learn about the sinking of the Vasa battle ship in 1628 and the salvage operation that was undertaken three centuries later.

Visit Abisko in Swedish Lapland – the Land of the Midnight Sun in summer, and the perfect place to view the Northern Lights in winter. Enjoy the brisk air and snowy scenery as you spot reindeer and hopefully an endangered arctic fox or two.

In addition to being the birthplace of the popular band ABBA, Sweden has also produced a variety of globally recognised authors, filmmakers, artists and musicians. And don’t forget Roxette, Ace of Base and The Cardigans.

As is the case in neighbouring countries like Denmark, Norway and Finland, fish, meat and potatoes play important roles in Swedish cuisine.  Make sure you try Swedish meatballs in gravy, and lutfisk – made from aged fish and lye – then wash it down with akvavit, a spirit flavoured with herbs and spices.

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Need to Know

is the local time
Swedish Krona is the local currency
Stockholm is the capital city
Köttbullar is Sweden's national dish
Visiting Sweden in Summer
Visiting Sweden in Winter

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