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The deeper the journey, the richer the experience, the greater the reward. Watch our film to find out more.

Custom-designed private journeys for those seeking the exceptional

In a world brimming with information and bursting with choice we help you create your own amazing – whatever that may be. We design journeys for those who wish to rediscover and reconnect, to take part in something bigger and more unexpected, and – occasionally – get in touch with their inner child. We can put you right in the middle of the action or drop you somewhere totally off the map. Above all, we take you on journeys that venture deep below the surface, that connect you with local cultures, customs and people.

Every detail taken care of, so you don't have to worry

We have offices on four continents, and we offer local expertise in each location and support at every hour of the day. Leaving no stone unturned, we pre-vet every aspect of your journey – up close and personally. We are out on the road at every opportunity, and our knowledge, gained over lifetimes of travel, is second to none. Knowing how vital your peace of mind is, we invest more time doing this than anything else. Only when every possible care has been taken, can you become carefree.


The ultimate peace of mind
People who know more, care more and understand you better

Often described as ‘well-travelled friends’, our travel designers and concierges are enthusiastic people who are hopelessly in love with what they do. From your first contact with us to your journey’s end we are great listeners who take the care and time to know you intimately and understand your special interests, preferences and concerns. We question too: We don’t just ask you ‘where?’, we want to know ‘why?’. Because knowing your motivations, expectations and personal limitations is how we ensure the journey is right for you. If we sense the fit is less than perfect, you can be sure we’ll share our honest opinion and offer impartial advice.

An unforgettable connection

Often born to families who’ve lived locally for generations, our guides are local treasures. Firmly part of the native landscape, they know intimately every nook and cranny; every sight, sound and taste. They are, without doubt, the safest pair of hands you can be in.

One of our expert guides, Fredy, at Machu Picchu.
We believe luxury travel should be synonymous with responsible travel

Central to everything we do is the desire to affect positive change and enrich the lives of those we encounter along the way. We do this because it’s in our nature, and because it enables you to feel wonderful. We take every measure to ensure the trips we plan are in keeping with our social, environmental and economic values. Every Jacada journey is carbon-neutral, and we support organisations that preserve habitats and empower local communities. Your destination will certainly leave an indelible mark on you, but you needn’t worry about leaving an indelible mark on your destination.

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