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Vibrant cities, wonderful wines, outback adventure and beautiful beaches

Australia offers an impressive diversity of experiences, from the north where two UNESCO sites meet, the largest reef in the world, Great Barrier Reef, and the oldest rainforest, The Daintree. Down South to Kangaroo Island, providing you a chance to see Australia's endemic wildlife in the wild and Tasmania, for its rugged mountainous beauty, then journeying into Outback where you will find yourself surrounded by the scorched red earth and blanketed by the huge blue sky.

Ellie Khoury
Travel Designer

Encompassing gleaming coastal cities and the oldest continuous culture on earth, famous beaches, iconic endemic wildlife with a vast landscape of red desert, alpine mountains, rainforests and coral reefs ripe for exploration.

There’s an innovative food scene, prestigious wine industry, vibrant art and a warm, laid-back people to welcome you. While not lagging far behind the United States in scale, Australia has a population of just 23 million who mostly live around the idyllic coast in modern cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, leaving the immense centre as wilderness, affectionately known as the Outback.

There’s also the beautiful and remote Top End sitting next to the equally remarkable state of Western Australia, unique islands such as Tasmania, Kangaroo Island and the white sanded Whitsundays that sit between the northeast coast of Queensland and the rich waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Blessed with sunshine, it is a place where as much time as possible is spent outdoors, whether surfing, fishing, boating or barbecuing, and there’s no better way to experience Australia than by joining in.

And then there’s Australia’s wildlife, a long geographic period of isolation giving rise to a unique species – marsupials such as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and bandicoots and egg-laying mammals, like the platypus – along with huge saltwater crocodiles, fearsome snakes and some of the best marine wildlife watching opportunities in the world.

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Need to Know

22:37 is the local time
Australian Dollar is the local currency
Canberra is the capital city
Meat pie is Australia's national dish
Sydney is the country's largest city

When to go

With Australia’s immense size and diverse landscapes, different regions are best visited at different times of year, and no matter the month, somewhere will be in its prime. The southern coastal cities are wonderful all year round, if a touch cooler in winter between May and August. This, however, is the ideal time to explore the Red Centre, Queensland, Great Barrier Reef and North West, areas which are very hot and humid in the summer. when is best to visit this destination

Where to See Australia’s Wildlife
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