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Wedged between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, encompassing mountains of the eastern Alps and a slither of the mediterranean, no country in Europe can boast as varied a landscape in such a modest landmass. Likewise, the history of the Slovene nation has been a proud struggle against its larger neighbours, seemingly adding the best of all these into an inherent culture to create something truly unique.

In a day it is quite possible to start with a coffee in the pastel Italianate main square of Piran, a nicely dilapidated port town on the Med, venture into UNESCO listed caves, taste wine with a tradition defying vintner, watch the sun set behind the mountains from the balcony of an alpine chalet before dining at the incredible restaurant of the World’s Best Female Chef for 2017.

Of course the most famous attraction is Lake Bled with its impossibly pretty church and medieval castle, while the easily digestible capital, Ljubljana is a must see for those looking to really experience the country. The surrounding mountains offer up truly sublime vistas of clear lakes, fairytale valleys and evergreen forests, a haven for hikers and extreme sport enthusiasts.

The food scene here is also thriving, increasingly adventurous in the wake of communist austerity, once more bringing regional influence to create something distinctive and acquiring international reputations. Viticulture predates France, Spain and Germany, producing some wonderful whites, and there is also a penchant for fruity liqueurs and strong spirits.

This all makes Slovenia perfect for short breaks and less mainstream taster of Europe, while it’s location means it is a wonderful add on to trip to neighbouring Croatia or northern Italy. Get in touch with our expert travel designers to create a tailor-made luxury holiday to Slovenia.

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When ignorance isn't a bliss...

I have traveled extensively for leisure and business and have always put together my own trips. For our honeymoon, we decided to give a bespoke experience a shot. I thought it was overkill, but was curious to try. We chose to go to Slovenia and Croatia. I have to say, the experience was so wonderful, to the detail, from the knowledgeable yet friendly guides, drivers, the efficiency of the private transfers, the private tours, the kind of activities that may work for you, activities that you may not know exist, when you put all those details together, the experience is at another level. I don't know if I will remember the places I visited 10 years from now, but I will definitely remember how I felt during my honeymoon. Needless to say, we will be contacting Jacada again.

Ana and Mike
07th December 2017

Need to Know

is the local time
Euro is the local currency
is the capital city
Ajdovi žganci
is Slovenia's national dish

When to go

It's all about experiencing the great outdoors in Slovenia, so you'll want to make the most of spring, summer and autumn when the weather lends itself perfectly to hiking and other outdoor activities.


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The Explorer
By Melania Siriu
Published 6 months ago
Jacada Photo Journal: Slovenia