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Luxury Patagonia Tours

Patagonia tours with private, expert guiding, wild adventure and exceptional accommodation

Patagonia, a vast unspoilt wilderness extending from the Lake District in Argentina and Chile, down to the Southern-most tip of South America. A land of breathtaking vistas, glaciers, crystalline turquoise lakes, wide open spaces and crisp clean air.

We’ll help you explore the most beautiful parts of this grand region, our expert guidance helping you to make the most of your time. Discover the best wilderness lodges, where personal service and the depth of experience are as important as your comfort.

Both Argentina and Chile share this incredible region with so much to see and do in each, and our guides will help you see the best of it, from the Perito Moreno Glacier to towering peaks of Torres del Paine or a cruise around Cape Horn. Whatever you prefer to do, horse-riding, trekking, wildlife spotting, fishing, or simply enjoying the wide open landscapes, we’ll make it happen for you.

Speak to one of our specialists who have lived and breathed the region and benefit from their first-hand personal experiences and expertise in planning trips. We’ll put together a private, personalised Patagonia tour just for you. Below you can find a list of example trip plans that include Patagonia, all of which can be entirely customised to suit you.

I haven’t seen scenery this awesome since Alaska. We spent our first day in the Torres del Paine National Park, enjoying the unbelievable natural beauty of the glaciers, mountains, lakes and rivers. And, as always, we fell in love with our guide, who spent the day teaching us the Patagonia way to live. Delightful. I’ve added another ‘must come back to’ place to my Bucket List. I’ve loved, loved, loved it here. The breathtaking scenery, the long list of hikes and sights and activities and the genuine warmth of the people make this a truly wonderful place. What’s not to like?

Jennifer Richt
Travel Designer

Top Patagonia Example Trips


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This luxury tour is a fascinating three-week journey through Argentina and Chile's natural...

Browse the example plans above and talk with our Patagonia experts to create your very own personal itinerary.

Accommodation in Latin America


You wouldn’t think that the spectacular Patagonian region of Torres del Paine could get any...


Perhaps the most famous hotel in all of Chile, the Explora Patagonia one of the most stunning...


Housed in the restored, post-Victorian cold-storage factory “Frigorifico Puerto Bories”...


It’s this hotel’s bizarrely beautiful shape, designed to imitate that of a sun-bleached...


Remota’s bold architecture and interior references its Patagonian setting in a very...


Patagonia Camp is one of the only true luxury camping experiences of its kind in South...

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