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Luxury Patagonia Tours

Written by
Emily Opie, George Warren, Jennifer Richt

Patagonia, a vast unspoilt wilderness extending from the Lake District in Argentina and Chile, down to the Southern-most tip of South America. A land of breathtaking vistas, glaciers, crystalline turquoise lakes, wide open spaces and crisp clean air.

Both Argentina and Chile share this incredible region with so much to see and do in each, and our guides will help you see the best of it, from the Perito Moreno Glacier to towering peaks of Torres del Paine or a cruise around Cape Horn. Whatever you prefer to do, horse-riding, trekking, wildlife spotting, fishing, or simply enjoying the wide open landscapes, we’ll make it happen for you.

Wildlife Spotting
Luxury Cruises

I haven’t seen scenery this awesome since Alaska. We spent our first day in the Torres del Paine National Park, enjoying the unbelievable natural beauty of the glaciers, mountains, lakes and rivers. And, as always, we fell in love with our guide, who spent the day teaching us the Patagonia way to live. Delightful. I’ve added another ‘must come back to’ place to my Bucket List. I’ve loved, loved, loved it here. The breathtaking scenery, the long list of hikes and sights and activities and the genuine warmth of the people make this a truly wonderful place. What’s not to like?

Jennifer Richt
Travel Designer

Speak to one of our specialists who have lived and breathed Patagonia for themselves. Their first-hand personal experiences combine with long-standing expertise in planning trips to lay the foundations for your trip of a lifetime. We’ll help you explore the most beautiful parts of the region, enabling you to make the most of your time there.

Sunset Perito Moreno Glacier

Discover the best wilderness lodges, where personal service and the depth of experience are as important as your comfort. We’ll put together a private, personalised Patagonia tour just for you. Find inspiration below with our list of example trip plans, all of which can be entirely customised to suit you.

family hiking patagonia

Browse the example plans above and talk with our Patagonia experts to create your very own personal itinerary.

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Luxury Accommodation in Latin America

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The Singular

Housed in the restored, post-Victorian cold-storage factory “Frigorifico Puerto Bories” first built in 1915, the Singular is in fact a National Monument and has been sympathetically and stylishly converted into one of Patagonia’s most elegant exploration hotels. By this we mean its remoteness has in no way inhibited its refinement.

Located on the shores of the Señoret Channel, at the end of the Ultima Esperanza Sound, Singular is ideally placed for expeditions to some of Patagonia’s most inaccessible parts and sights. With two of their own boats to explore the intricate fjords, channels and islands, as well as a wealth of other land-based activities, you really are in the best hands.

The hotel’s décor has been expertly and creatively designed to a high but understated level of luxury, blended with regional character and the building’s unique history all for a contemporary industrial chic fused with a warm, old-style comfort. All of its 57 rooms command steely Patagonian views over the channel water or rugged plains, and soft carpets, cosy beds and traditional pieces of furniture add a warmth to their contemporary, bunker-style design of bare concrete walls and seamless glass windows.

In-between these lie rooms displaying much of the factory’s restored machinery and galleries detailing its history, so Singular acts as much as an offering to the region’s past as it does a hotel.

The service and food are both excellent, and apart from the simple task of deciding on whether to go for the Magellenic Lamb or conger eel for dinner, or perhaps what spa treatment you’ll go for to end your day, the bigger challenge is choosing from over 20 different well-thought-out and extraordinary expeditions on offer by Singular.

We also highly recommend Pisco Sours at sunset.

Feeling inspired? Talk to our experts today and start creating your trip of a lifetime to Patagonia.

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