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Jacada Travel creates bespoke luxury trips to South America and Central America. Our travel experts design your perfect itinerary, with the best accommodation, exclusive tours and a local guide who shares your interests, and we sort out all the detail. So you enjoy the warm welcome, relaxation and adventure of Latin America. Whatever you want your trip to include, at Jacada Travel we’ll create a bespoke trip just for you. Choose experiences and activities in Peru, The GalapagosArgentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador,  Mexico and Uruguay.

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“Our trip was spectacular”

Our trip was spectacular. It was action packed in the short time we had with seamless transfers and pickups; everyone was on time. All of the hotels and activities were top-notch, unique and informative. The highlights of our trip: the long drive from San Pedro Atacama through Bolivia to the salt flats; the scenery was some of the most gorgeous and remote. We really felt like we were on top of the world, close to heaven. It was a very special experience. The salt flats themselves were other-worldly; we loved visiting the islands, the local people, the mummies in the cave. Titilaka hotel was an exceptional hotel and we wish we would've had an extra day. Visiting the reed floating islands, learning about the expeditions facilitated by the Aymara and their reed boats was so cool. Bolivian food was simple but well cooked and had awesome fresh vegetables and salads. Peruvian food did not disappoint - we savored every dish at Titilaka and at Central sister restaurant in Lima. Some things for improvement: my husband is vegetarian (though he will eat fish/ chicken in a pinch) and both Matetic and Alto Atacama had a hard time fully accommodating this. At Matetic, the chef seemed a little flustered when my husband said no fish or chicken, so he ended up saying fish was OK and ate fish for two meals. Alto Atacama had vegetarian options but the menu for lunch and dinner was very limited and the exact same for all three days (only 2 veggie main options and one was plain marinara spaghetti, which was disappointing). As Alto was far from town, it was somewhat burdensome to go to town to eat so we felt stuck with our dining options. Both facilities focused a lot on presentation - the food looked gorgeous on the plates- but not enough on the content and the preparation. The fish was over-cooked at Matetic and undercooked at Alto (I actually got food poisoning from the trout/salmon there for 15 hours- violently sick with diarrhea/ vomiting that took me out of a morning activity. I know this comes with travel but it is exceedingly rare for me. I was happy that it happened on a good day and didn’t mess up our over-all travel plans :) We were also quite disappointed that in the 6 days we had in Chile, we didn’t have one real Chilean dish- it wasn’t offered on the menus! The focus was on western food and artsy plates. Tipping was stressful at Matetic and Alto. Although I carried $500 from the States, it wasn’t adequate by the end. We had sometimes 2-3 different drivers and 2-3 different guides each day- how do you tip each for half, or less than half, day? The hotels didn’t carry change for us. They were both in remote locations (and our days were filled with activities) so it was hard to find an ATM or bank to get change. We didn’t realize that the restaurants at Matetic were not staffed by the hotel so the idea of tipping at the end of our stay didn’t work. We didn’t pay / tip anything for a lunch one day and the following day the waiter actually asked us to tip (which made us feel terrible since I’m a usually very generous tipper but we didn’t know! and without a bill, how do you figure what the appropriate tip should be?!) I would have loved to have the tips included or an option to pay by CC or a tip jar for everyone at the end. In Bolivia it was easier because we had continuity with guide/ driver and we could tip at then end. At Alto, there were different guide qualities. We had a couple guides who were excellent and a couple who were a bit lazy. It was an eerie feeling because there were almost no guests (off season, full moon maybe?). We were looking forward to meeting other travelers but found ourselves alone on most tours. We met an awesome Singapore couple who requested a private guide and they were lucky to have the same guide/ driver for three days, while we had different guides/ drivers for all activities because we wanted the group activities (yet there was no group!). We would do some activities in parallel with them (i.e. have 2 big vans for the 2 couples). Just a bit of a weird feeling… Oh- and I mentioned to our Bolivian guide already but, as you know, obtaining a Bolivian visa for Americans requires many separate documents (if we get it at the border). I screwed up and didn’t have passport copies (you gave us good instructions but I stupidly looked at a website, which did not indicate I needed a passport copy, instead of your email). We paid the guy an extra $20 at the border and all was fine but, in the future, it would be best to have the guide check all the documents in Chile before leaving the hotel because most of the documents are easily obtainable at a hotel with internet access but impossible to get at the checkpoint shack at the top of the mountain :) Over-all, we had a truly fantastic trip and the inconveniences were minor. We would definitely book with Jacada again!

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