Luxury polar trips with Jacada Travel

Jacada Travel creates personalised, luxury trips to both the untouched Antarctic and pristine Arctic.

We can take you on an exclusive Iceland tour, a private Norwegian exploration or an amazing Antarctic experience. Our travel experts will design your perfect itinerary complete with the best accommodation, exclusive tours and a local guide who shares your interests.

We’ll sort out all the details so you can relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery, new perspectives and thrilling adventure of the Polar region.

Whether it’s a remote expedition to the frozen Antarctic tundra, an action-packed Iceland tour or a look at the dramatic landscapes of Norway and the icy Arctic Ocean, whatever you want your trip to include, at Jacada Travel we’ll create a bespoke tour just for you.

There is a feeling that you’ve somehow travelled to another world when you travel to the polar regions. The most remote destinations at opposite ends of the earth, Antarctica in the south and Svalbard in the north, have stark landscapes and the most inhospitable terrain. There’s an otherworldliness being surrounded by snow and ice blue glaciers, and adventurous travellers are rewarded with a resounding sense of peace that comes with this isolation.

Kate Herz
Travel Designer

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Whatever you want your luxury tour or safari itinerary to include, we’ll create something fully bespoke for you… and only you.

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