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Stunning scenery, rich history and a welcoming spirit

Historic castles, vibrant cities and arguably the United Kingdom’s most spectacular scenery, Scotland is an endlessly fascinating destination.

The Scottish Highlands are a patchwork of lochs, glens and craggy mountain peaks. Whether you choose to pull on a pair of hiking boots and take to its many walking trails, or admire it from the comfort of your cabin aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman, the epic landscape never fails to enchant. The Highlands are also rich in history and tradition with beautiful castles shrouded in mystery and telling tales of the mighty clashes of highland clans from centuries gone by.

Scotland’s West Coast is another gem, home to wild, unspoiled beaches and countless inlets that sparkle in the sun. Here you’re more likely to run into flocks of sheep and Highland cows than you are crowds of people. And, the seafood here is some of the best in the world. Heading further west are the Inner and Outer Hebrides. The landscape here is no less impressive. Every island has its own character from the rolling green hills of Skye to the white sandy beaches and rocky lunar-like terrain of Harris and Lewis. Along the West Coast and on the islands you’ll also find whisky and gin distilleries, many of which have been quenching the locals’ thirst for centuries.

Spectacular as it is, it’s not just the scenery that draws people to Scotland. From the vibrant and contemporary city of Glasgow to the more traditional Scottish capital of Edinburgh with its historic townhouses and imposing castle, life away from the wild is just as fun. And of course, the best way to reflect on all that Scotland has to offer, wherever you are, is with a wee dram and a piece of tablet.

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is the local time
Pound Sterling is the local currency
Edinburgh is the capital city
Haggis is Scotland's national dish

When to Go

Depending on where you want to go, Scotland can be a year-round destination, but spring and autumn are particularly pleasant. May to June and September to October are particularly pretty as the wildflowers and heather are at their best, falling either side the summer holiday surge in domestic visitors. Rain can make an appearance at any time of year, and the Highlands can be particularly unpredictable. Christmas in Edinburgh and its market make it an appealing time of year to visit the city while snow clad mountains and a chance of spotting the northern lights from a fire-warmed mountain retreat hold a certain allure for some.


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