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Quaint towns stand proud on rugged cliff tops above aquamarine bays, gothic spires rise majestically and charming cobbled streets invite you to explore winding old towns. At the western edge of Europe, Portugal is a culturally rich country with vibrant cities and villages steeped in history.

Whether admiring the remarkable monuments in Lisbon, drinking in the breath-taking views at Cape St Vincent, or drifting by the vineyards of the Douro Valley, a visit to Portugal is bound to be one of lasting memories and extraordinary experiences.

Influences from across the Mediterranean, Europe and from its globe spanning empire over the centuries have meant that Portugal has developed its own specific culture. From thriving cities and picturesque villages, to shoreline castles, ancient ruins and some of the best surfing in Europe – Portugal is an exciting, diverse country with a lot to offer. Immerse yourself in the nightlife of Porto, relive days gone by in the medieval walled town of Monsaraz, soak up the sun on the beaches of the Algarve, and appreciate the tranquility and tradition of Alentejo.

The best way to truly experience a destination is through its cuisine. So, get a real taste for Portugal as you sample local dishes and delicacies from across the regions. Pop into a small tasquinha to savour fish fresh from the sea, or sink your teeth into the delicate pastries which originated at medieval Catholic monasteries. And of course, Portuguese wines are known the world over – even the Romans associated the country with their god Bacchus.

Whether it’s a beach holiday you need, or a cultural and culinary experience, Portugal is waiting to reveal its treasures.

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Where to go

Need to Know

20:25 is the local time
Euro is the local currency
Lisbon is the capital city
Bacalhau is Portugal's national dish

When to go

The height of summer can be very hot and busy in Portugal, and so visiting in spring, early summer and autumn is best if you want to really explore. February and the start of spring brings in flowers and pink blossom on the almond groves, while October is great for hiking and cycling.


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