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Luxury Family Trips to the Galapagos

Family memories you will never forget, with a personalised trip to the Galapagos

Expert Advice and Planning for an Extraordinary Family Adventure like no other

As the planet’s ultimate up-close wildlife encounter, family trips to the Galapagos are unparalleled. What’s more, our Galapagos travel designers know the best cruises, luxury boats, lodges and hotels to suit your family.

Your dedicated designer has years of experience in delivering tailor-made family trips to these unique islands and will shoulder all the detailed planning for a seamless Galapagos tour adventure that you can just sit back and enjoy.

With numerous differing routes and schedules, choosing the right cruise and vessel for your family can be tricky. We can help you choose between an expertly staffed larger ship, more personal smaller vessel, or, for larger family groups, an exclusive adventure on a privately chartered yacht. We also find twinning a cruise with time spent at a luxury lodge on one of the island works well for families, and we can extend your Galapagos adventure to include an exploration of mainland Ecuador or neighbouring Peru.

Our experts can talk you through the options to make sure you find the option that best suits your bespoke Galapagos family tour. We’ll make sure that you have an unforgettable time getting up close to the extraordinary microcosm of wildlife of each island; sea lions, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, beautiful birdlife, and climbing extinct volcanoes, sea kayaking and snorkeling in between.

Whatever you want from your Latin America tour, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help.

Our Top Example Trips


A wonderful and comprehensive family tour of the Galapagos Islands


Explore in style and luxury with a completely private cruise around the Galapagos and exclusive...


A family adventure in the Galapagos Islands and a private tour of Peru's magnificent Machu Picchu

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Need to Know

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When to go

Being so close to the equator means temperatures don't vary much throughout the year, making the Galapagos Islands a great year-round destination.

When is the best time to visit The Galapagos Islands?
Why kids love the Galapagos Islands

Meet your Latin America Team


Since I can remember, I’ve felt a strong desire for travelling and exploring the world.

Travel Designer

I have travelled and worked all over the world, but my last stint was out in Latin America.

Travel Designer

I first travelled to South America with my father in 2008, and I caught the bug. Fortunately, not a real bug, the travelling bug, and I’ve not stopped returning to the continent since.

Travel Designer

A love of travel and exploring different cultures might just be in my DNA, being part Swedish and part Peruvian.

Travel Designer

Ask me about scuba diving, trekking, and culinary adventures.

Travel Designer

Ask me about trekking, diving, Inca culture, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Travel Designer

I spent my time in Central America exploring spectacular beaches in Mexico, learning to scuba dive in Honduras and hiking around the lush green volcanic landscapes in Guatemala.

Travel Designer

Ask me about wildlife, restaurants, Antarctica cruises, Galapagos islands and exploring Chile & Argentina from desert and waterfalls all the way south to Patagonia.


Travelling changes you in so many ways, that it is impossible to try to explain it with words. It is something you need to experience.

Travel Designer

My most memorable travel experience to date was a trip to the Galapagos Islands – one of the most extraordinary places I’ve ever visited. Out of a love for hiking and the mountains, I’ve been out and about in some of the highest peaks in Europe, so naturally, Patagonia is top on the list of places to visit.

Start planning your trip by speaking to someone who knows this destination inside out.

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