Luxury Galapagos Hotels

Finch Bay Eco Resort

A contemporary resort with a unique beachfront location

Relaxing beachfront hotel on Santa Cruz Island

Set on the island of Santa Cruz, Finch Bay Eco Resort is one of the best and most convenient beachfront hotels in the Galápagos. With a calm protected beach in front and a pleasant pool area, it makes for a wonderful place to relax before or after your Galápagos cruise.

The hotel has a good restaurant and offers tours around the island or boat trips to other surrounding islands can also be organised. The hotel is decorated in a relaxed contemporary style, with the best rooms offering a private veranda and views out to the sea.


21 rooms and 6 suites

Private yacht

Restaurant and bar

Swimming pool

Sailing trips around the islands

Scuba diving and birdwatching

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Places to combine Finch-Bay Resort with

Galapagos - Cruises

Santa Cruz II
Combining decades of experience with a state-of-the-art expedition vessel designed specifically for Galapagos exploration, the newly launched Santa Cruz II brings a new level of luxury and eco-credentials to the archipelago. The new boat is just over 70m long and features 50 Swedish-designed cabins and suites, with room for up to 90 guests. All enjoy sea views out of large windows and en-suite bathrooms. 36 cabins can be interconnected, ideal for families and small groups. Communal areas include the Sky Deck, overlooking the bow, where guests can enjoy the sunshine or exercise in the fitness room. The aptly named Panorama Deck has an elegant bar, lounge and an al fresco dining area to the stern. On the same deck, guests are also welcome to visit the bridge, featuring state-of-the-art electronic navigation equipment, to meet the crew and captain. Below this is the library, hot tubs, the Discovery Room and the Beagle Dining Room. Much of the food served on board is locally sourced, such as fish, sea food and organically grown produce, and is a combination of Ecuadorian specialities and international cuisine. You can choose to dine al fresco which lets you enjoy the stunning scenery as you eat. Aboard the Santa Cruz II, explore the Galapagos Islands in a range of ways, from snorkelling in its waters with reef sharks and frolicking sea lions, to glass-bottomed boat tours, kayak expeditions and expertly guided hikes on land that focus on birdlife, wildlife and geology. Cruise itineraries vary in length from four to ten nights, and encompass the entire archipelago.

The Cloud Forests

Mashpi Lodge
Set into one of the planet’s most important bio-regions, the futuristic Mashpi Lodge powered with 100% hydroelectricity really is a ‘contemporary cocoon in the clouds’. Praised for its ecological and contemporary design by being nominated for the likes of Wallpaper’s Design Awards, Mashpi’s steel and glass creation sits amongst 3,200 acres of pristine rainforest on a bluff that commands stunning views over the lush valleys, cloud forests and hills of the Tumbez-Choco-Darien bio-region (otherwise known as the Chocó) in Ecuador. The 20 rooms and three suites are spacious and simply modern in decoration, with floor to ceiling windows that keep your attention on what’s outside rather than what’s in. The restaurant has been thoughtfully constructed with two-storey high ceilings and windows for walls so again you feel constantly in touch with the forest, whilst dining on local produce from exotic fruits blended with more savoury dishes and organic ingredients to home made chocolate. There is also a terrace with pergola roof for incredible views over the jungle canopy, perhaps spotting one or two of its creatures. Daily wildlife expeditions and nature excursions are led by the lodge’s team of Ecuadorian biologists and things like wellington boots and rain ponchos are provided. The aerial tram from the lodge allow for deeper daily explorations into the forest, and comes with an observation tower and Life Centre which has butterfly farms and terrariums for a really close up look to these species. Hikes, bathing in waterfalls and rivers are very much part of the Mashpi experience too.