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Charles Kronsten

Travel Designer

I was fortunate to travel a lot with my family at a young age to Africa on safari, Peru and the Galapagos. These adventures firmly ignited an almost all-consuming passion to travel. During my university years I travelled to the Baltics, Central Europe, Central America and studied in Madrid for a year. After graduation the only thing I wanted to do was travel. I solo travelled 30,000 kilometres all over South America from the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, all the way up to Panama, and then (mainly) overland from Europe to Asia, starting in Finland and finishing in Indonesia. I’ve visited Japan, and China, where I worked, travelled and learnt Mandarin, before coming back to the UK in 2022 to start working in travel and for Jacada.

Latin America

My most memorable trip

Latim America

It has to be travelling for nine months through South America after I graduated from university. The diversity of the continent is really unlike anywhere else on the planet. I was constantly surprised, wowed and stimulated, and I haven't stopped travelling or living abroad since!

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On my bucket list


I love wildlife, and love to dive too, so Mozambique is definitely on my list and plans are already underway to combine this with a safari in South Africa. Despite already visiting, the Galapagos Islands remain on my bucket list as the destination is just so incredible - I would love to head back there for a date with some hammerheads!

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The best hidden gem

North Jujuy, Argentina

The richness and diversity of its landscapes, as well as people and food, is incredible. It is rarely travelled and you feel like you are experiencing the real Argentina.

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My favourite hotel

Awasi Iguazu

Awasi Iguazu. You explore not just the waterfalls - which are out of this world - but also the best preserved atlantic rainforest in the world, with a private vehicle, superb private guide and unique customized experiences away from the crowds.

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What my clients say

My top tips

Less is more in South America, don't try and see the whole continent in one trip - there is simply to much on offer.

Try to add on that extra day or two, to your trip, and let us surprise you by taking you somewhere incredible your friends have never heard of.

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Sometimes, tying different foods is one of the best ways to learn about the culture of a place.

Where possible, try and an overland journey over a flight. It can take longer but the experience can offer amazing insights into culture and landscapes.

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