An incredible history, fascinating culture and some of the world's most dramatic landscapes

Papua New Guinea sits just a few thousand kilometres from the northern tip of Australia, but those that venture that little bit further will find themselves in a country defined by its spectacular natural beauty and fascinating culture.

Lush forested mountain ranges are home to colourful birds of paradise while the pristine waters of the Solomon and Coral Seas teem with marine life, making this one of the world’s best diving destinations. The islands that lay to the north are covered in volcanoes, some of which still gurgle and smoulder.

Papua New Guinea is also an incredibly diverse nation with over 800 local languages and tribal traditions kept alive in many of the smaller villages and the highlands. Music and dance is an important part of life and celebrations here are a wonderful explosion of colour and sound.

This is also a historically fascinating place with hundreds of kilometres of tunnels dug by the Japanese during WWII open for exploration, as well as tanks and aircraft wreks, many of which lay at the bottom of the ocean.

Papua New Guinea is certainly different but this is what gives it its edge, and for those with an intrepid sense of exploration won’t be disappointed.

Where to go

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Kina is the local currency
  • Port Moresby is the capital city
  • Mumu is Papua New Guinea's national dish

When to Go

Regular visitors to Papua New Guinea joke that there are only two seasons; hot and wet, or hotter and wetter. The 'drier' months and the more pleasant ones to visit in are April to October. This is when most of the festivals also take place. If you are a diver then you will enjoy good visibility almost all year round.