Experience the history of the Inca empire and rich archaeological sites in a luxury family vacation to Peru.

Our vast range of privately-guided luxury tours will bring your family a remarkable Peruvian adventure.

One where you might explore the depths of the Amazon River and meet its isolated Amerindian tribes. Days where you explore the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu then white water raft the Urubamba River. Take on a guided hike through the Lares Valley or Colca Canyon. To visiting the unique floating island communities on Lake Titicaca.

Our Peru travel designers have years of experience in delivering tailor-made family trips, and your dedicated designer will shoulder all the detailed planning for a seamless adventure you can just sit back and enjoy.

Starting with the make-up of your family, to the purpose of the trip we will help you put together a completely bespoke and personalised travel plan. This will be based entirely on your interests, preferences and time to assure you that, just because you are a family, you in no way miss out on the very best of experiences, refined style and superb service.

Peru combines stunning natural scenery with a rich cultural history. I often describe it as one giant outdoor adventure playground. With delicious healthy food and llamas and condors along the way, it is a great place for a family adventure.

Lily Bunker
Senior Travel Designer

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Nuevo Sol is the local currency
  • Lima is the capital city
  • Ceviche is Peru's national dish

When to go

Peru is very much an all year round destination. Our advice is to avoid the peak of the rainy season, which is February. Visitors in May-September will enjoy the dry winter season. This is the best time to visit Machu Picchu and enjoy some of the treks