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Past and future, city and desert - explore a small but fascinating country

Set on a small desert peninsula, Qatar is a small country known for its ultra-modern capital Doha, as well as the stunning coastline and undulating dunes that lie beyond the city limits. Once an important pearling centre, Doha is home to most of the country’s population. Here, modern architecture and infrastructure coexists with echoes of a rich nomadic past.

A focal point of the city is the Corniche, which curves along the seafront, inviting you to take a leisurely walk past luxury resorts, beautifully landscaped parks and gardens and restaurants. At the south end of the seven-kilometre stretch, the Museum of Islamic Art, with its collection of exhibitions that focus on both culture and history, is suitable for the whole family.

From colourful souks selling traditional handicrafts and local delicacies to high-end malls, there is no shortage of shopping opportunities, whether you’re looking for keepsakes to remind you of your travels, or international fashion labels.

The waters off Qatar are great for scuba diving and kayaking and the desert dunes are enticing for those keen on an ATV adventure. From exploring ancient sites to thrilling outdoor activities, there’s plenty to do in Qatar, whether you’re just passing through, or lingering a few days.


Take a leisurely walk along the curving Corniche, past resorts and gardens. 

Learn about culture and history at the Museum of Islamic Art.

Hunt for bargains and keepsakes at traditional souks and modern shopping malls.

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Jack Beckford

Travel Designer

Beautiful tradition meets modern innovation in this enticing country. The futuristic capital of Doha is definitely a highlight, but venture a little further out and there's plenty to discover and experience. 

Jack Beckford

Travel Designer

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