Norway is bigger than most people realise, and its incredible coastline seems to go on forever. The Norwegian fjords are an epic landscape of deep valleys, gushing waterfalls, craggy mountain peaks and mirror-like waters.

The fjords were formed millions of years ago during the Ice Age after glaciers retreated, leaving U-shaped valleys which were then filled by the sea. Norway has thousands of fjords, some tiny some mindboggling in size. Although they stretch all along the coast and over to the border with Russia, the most spectacular fjords are found to the west. Here you’ll find big names such as  Sognefjord, Hardangerfjord and Nærøyfjord. However, even the smallest of fjords can take your breath away.

If you visit in spring or summer, expect lush green valleys sweeping down to the sparkling sea, while in winter a dusting of snow on the mountain tops and the dark, inky waters add a real air of mysticism.

Hikers will be in heaven here with countless trails offering epic vistas at every turn. Another great way to explore is on a fjord cruise where you’ll navigate this incredible network of waterways.

As well as the fjords themselves, there are the cities of Bergen and Alesund, both great places to explore, as well as picturesque villages clustered around the water’s edge.

The legendary Norwegian fjords are some of the most dramatic landscapes in Europe with waterfalls, lush flora and a network of waterways extending hundreds of miles inland from the sea. The region is rich in traditions and a connection to nature remains an important part of Norwegian identity.

Kit Wong
Travel Designer

What to do

  • Hike the lush green valleys in spring and summer
  • Take a cruise through the epic landscape
  • Explore the pretty city of Bergen
  • Take a ride on the Flam railway - one of the world's most beautiful train journeys

When to go

The best time to visit the Norwegian Fjords is from late May until early September. October and November should be avoided, and January is far too cold for a comfortable stay. If you want to make the most of the beautiful winter landscapes, aim for December or February.