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Rachel Newton

Head of Europe Travel Design

I fell in love with travel on a month long trip to New Zealand in 2011 – meeting so many new people, living on a remote island for a couple of weeks and then packing in everything we could do, from skydiving and bunjy jumping to a more relaxed afternoon in the thermal mud baths. Within a year I was hopping on a plane as often as I could and although my bank balance has deteriorated over the year, my love for travel has enriched my life in so many ways!
I have been lucky enough to scuba dive with whale sharks in Thailand, take the iconic hike to Machu Picchu, camp on the side of Lake Nakuru, see wild grizzly bears in Canada and stay in a castle in Ireland, and am constantly planning the next adventure. My love for languages and different cultures has shaped every trip I have done and I am always happiest engaging with locals and experiencing the most authentic elements of a place!

Best Hidden Gem


Slovenia is starting to get a bit of notice as an amazing destination, but going there it still feels very untouched by tourists and tourism! It feels like stepping back in time in the cities and the nature is absolutely beautiful. It is a small country with so much to offer

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On my bucket list

Gorilla trekking

I would love to travel to Rwanda to see the gorillas in the wild! I have been lucky enough to explore a lot of Africa and seen most animals in the wild, but I've never seen gorillas! I love the idea of being on foot to see these gigantic, majestic animals - it feels like a really awe inspiring moment.

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My favourite trip

Puglia's Beautiful Coast and Cities

Puglia is such an underrated part of Italy! It is cheaper than the rest of Italy, with incredible food, beautiful scenery, friendly people, great wine and some incredible hotels.

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My favourite hotel

Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle in Ireland is such a unique place, with the most amazing service I've ever experienced. It feels like going back in time, with suits of armour, four poster beds and a restaurant in the dungeons.

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My top tips

Always visit the Vatican before it officially opens to explore without the crowds

For the best sunsets in Santorini get out on the water to get a panoramic view

Slovenia makes a great alternative in high summer to its higher priced neighbours - lower prices and fewer people

Train travel is a great way to get around in Europe, but especially in Switzerland. Make sure to include at least one scenic rail journey