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Get Your Adrenaline Pumping on a Trip Designed Just for You

Leave the sedentary travel to others and head out on an action-packed adventure with Jacada Travel. From trekking across glaciers in Iceland, to racing up Namibia’s desert dunes on a quad bike and hiking in the Himalayas, we can create a trip that will have you on the move from start to finish. You will get to see a whole new side to each destination. 

And adventurous travel doesn’t mean you have to skimp on luxury. There’s no need to stuff a backpack to bursting or rough it in a tent, throw yourself into activities, safe in the knowledge that some of the world’s best camps, hotels and lodges await at the end of the day. Likely with a well-earned meal and a glass of fine wine to welcome you back. 

You’re also not limited to “good weather”, bundle up warm and take off across the snow behind a team of huskies, pack your insect repellant and head into the humid jungle in search of up-close encounters with wildlife, or pull on a wetsuit and dip below the waves to come face-to-face with great white sharks.

Opt for activities you have some experience in, or branch out completely and discover a brand new interest. Speak to your travel designer who will tailor your trip to your interests and fitness level, as well as your comfort zone! Whatever you choose to do, you’ll get to enjoy it surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery the world has to offer.

  • Enjoy spectacular views as you summit Kilimanjaro
  • Paraglide over Barichara’s spectacular Chicamocha Canyon
  • Explore the underwater world of the Argolic Gulf in Greece with a scuba diving instructor
  • Discover untouched valleys and traditional Nepalese villages on foot
  • Take a private surfing lesson on Portugal’s wild Atlantic coast
  • Go river rafting down the Manso River in Argentina
  • And if you’re really brave… bungee jump off the 216 metres (709 ft) bridge over South Africa’s Bloukrans River

Imagine the elation of reaching the summit of the highest mountain in Africa or helping to round up the cattle on a working ranch in The Pampas in Argentina. Taking on the raging waters of the East Glacial River gorge in Iceland is nothing short of memorable, and doing the Shotover Canyon Swing, the world’s highest cliff jump, in New Zealand, will be something you talk about for years to come. A world of adventure awaits!

David Corvacho Puente
Travel Designer

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Whatever you want your luxury active and adventure itinerary to include, we’ll create something fully bespoke for you… and only you.