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At a glance

Journey from the capital of Zagreb to the enchanting city of Dubrovnik, via the pretty Istrian countryside, shimmering Adriatic coast and awe-inspiring national parks.

Start discovering Croatia’s natural beauty at Plitvice National Park, a series of waterfalls and impossibly turquoise lakes. Heading to the heart-shaped Istrian peninsular you’ll explore its hilltop towns before taking to the water and navigating the northern Adriatic islands en route to Zadar, a city famous for its Sea Organ.

Your exploration of the great outdoors continues with a hike along the Krupa Canyon, a foray into the magnificent Modric Cave and a visit to the crashing waterfalls of Krka National Park. Not content to rely solely on its good looks, Croatia’s cities are full of history and culture and getting lost inside the walls of the Diocletian’s palace in Split is sure to be a highlight of the trip.

Hvar is almost as famous as Croatia itself and you’ll enjoy a few days exploring the island before travelling to Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, via the charming Bosnian town of Mostar.

Example Trip Itinerary

Days 1-2


Flights & Transfers


Meet and greet at Zagreb airport


Private transfer to your hotel in Zagreb

Accommodation in Zagreb

Overnight in Zagreb Overnight in Zagreb

A city of grand Austro-Hungarian architecture and home to a multitude of museums and the majority of the country's residents, inland Zagreb is Croatia's cultural hub. Enjoy your time in this lively little capital strolling the cobbled streets, watching the world go by in busy cafes and darting between collections in the many museums and galleries. You'll also find that it's a year-round outdoor city thanks to the presence of Jarun Lake in the southwest where people venture to swim and sail; Mount Medvednica where Zagrebians hit the ski slopes; and the hiking destination of Samobor.

Private Plitvice Lakes tour Private Plitvice Lakes tour

According to legend, the Plitvice lakes were created after a long drought when the "Black Queen" took pity on the people and animals that cried for water. Heavy rain began to fall and continued until they formed the lakes we see today. Plitvice National Park is Croatia’s natural masterpiece. Even for seasoned world travellers, the overpowering beauty and grandeur of Plitvice National Park is simply astounding. With waterfalls spilling over impossible hills, sixteen different lakes, and fascinating flora and fauna, Plitvice is the most visited place in Croatia. Since 1979, the park has been under the protection of UNESCO as a rare World Heritage Site.

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer to your hotel in Rovinj

Days 2-4


Accommodation in Rovinj

Three nights in Rovinj Three nights in Rovinj

The picturesque town of Rovinj sits on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, facing out towards Venice. While one of the Mediterranean's last true fishing ports, it's also an important city as the third most populous in Croatia. Once an island, the old town now occupies an intriguing oval-shaped peninsula that juts out from the mainland. Its past stretches back through Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Frankish, and Austrian settlers and today, you can see the remains of medieval defensive walls and one of the old town gates, the 17th century Balbi's Arch. Inside the town proper, you'll find steep cobbled streets leading to Venetian piazzas, little artist workshops, fine-dining restaurants, a Baroque palace turned heritage museum, and even a late-Renaissance clock tower.

Walking tour of Rovinj's old town Walking tour of Rovinj's old town

The old town occupies an intriguing oval-shaped peninsula that juts out from the mainland. Its past stretches back through Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Frankish and Austrian settlers and today you can see the remains of medieval defensive walls and one of the old town gates, the 17th-century Balbi's Arch. Inside the town proper, you'll find steep cobbled streets leading to Venetian piazzas, little artist workshops, fine-dining restaurants, a Baroque palace turned heritage museum and even a late-Renaissance clock tower. Get a bird's eye view of all of this from the top of the 60-metre-high bell tower of St. Euphemia's Cathedral.

Tour of Istria's hilltop towns Tour of Istria's hilltop towns

Head inland and visit Istria's pretty hilltop towns, each one looking out over the beautiful surrounding countryside. This is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the Istrian peninsular and you'll visit the stone settlements of Groznjan, from where you can view around 20 of the surrounding villages as well as meadows and the coastline, and Motovun which sits above the river Mirna the Motovun forest. You'll also enjoy lunch in the tiny hamlet of Škrapi.

Private boat transfer to Zadar Private boat transfer to Zadar

Travel by private motor boat to Zadar, passing clusters of northern Adriatic islands. The islands of Olib, Dugi Otok and Silba are particularly pretty and there will be an opportunity along the way to swim and snorkel. There is also the option to visit Veli Rat lighthouse, the oldest and tallest lighthouse on the Croatian coast. Climbing the 189 steps will bring you to the top, where spectacular views across the sea await.

Days 4-6


Accommodation in Zadar

Two nights in Zadar Two nights in Zadar

Intriguingly unique, Zadar is a northern coastal hub with a very particular character. Although it's definitely less busy than the tourist centres further south, it is one of Croatia's larger metropoles and a living, vibrant city. You'll be greeted with a mix of ancient Roman relics, Hapsburg elegance, and clever, cutting edge art installations.

Tour of Krupa Canyon and Modric Cave Tour of Krupa Canyon and Modric Cave

Over time, the Zrmanja and Krupa rivers in the Velebit Mountain Nature Park have carved a spectacular canyon. Your tour starts in the village of village Ravni Golubi?, from where you will hike through the Vratolom ridge where you'll enjoy wonderful views of the Krupa waterfalls. You'll also explore the magnificent Modric Cave with its impressive stalagmites and stalactites.

Zadar walking tour Zadar walking tour

Set on its own small peninsula, the old city is especially charming. Wander through quiet streets of marble to discover Roman ruins, medieval churches, cafes and fascinating museums all hemmed in by a great wall studded with elaborate gates and sturdy towers. Let your senses explore Zadar through the melodic sound installation of the Sea Organ and the clever Sun Salutation, a photovoltaic panel that glows to the rhythm of the waves once the sun sets.

Krka Waterfalls National Park tour Krka Waterfalls National Park tour

We travel to the picturesque Skradin and the Krka Waterfalls National Park. On its green path, River Krka has seven falls, the last one being the amazing Skradinski buk. Thanks to the constant process of travertine building, the Krka River is a karst phenomenon, carving a spectacular canyon along its 70-kilometre journey from the foothills of the Dinara Mountains to the beautiful estuary under the walls of historic Sibenik. Walk the winding wooden paths through the main park area and visit the Ethno Museum and shops housed in the old mills at Skradinski buk.

Lunch with wine pairing in Šibenik Lunch with wine pairing in Šibenik

Head to the historic town of Šibenik and enjoy a delicious lunch with wine pairing at one of Croatia's finest restaurants.

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer to Split

Days 6-8


Accommodation in Split

Two nights in Split Two nights in Split

Although Croatia's second largest city, Split is often viewed as a jumping off point for adventures to the islands beyond. The peninsula on which it rests might jut out invitingly into the Adriatic, but visit vibrant Split today and it won't take you long to realise that it's very much a destination in its own right.

Split walking tour Split walking tour

Originally the palatial walled summer residence of the Emperor Diocletian, Split became a city in itself after the Roman Capital of Dalmatia, Salona, was sacked in the 7th century. Fleeing refugees were given asylum inside the two-meter thick walls of the palace and over the next 1000 years, the “city” of Split gained a reputation as a safe haven. Because of this, the city never grew beyond the same walls that exist today. As a result, the remarkable ensemble of Roman, Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance and other architectural remains are all still visible. Today there are more than 3,000 people still living inside these ancient walls.

Beach, Bol, Brac, Bolivia
Hiking on Brac Island Hiking on Brac Island

Take the ferry to Brac, Croatia's largest island, and enjoy discovering its natural beauty and hidden corners. Visit the picturesque village of Bol and hike towards Škrip before ascending to the highest peak of the Croatian islands, Vidova Gora. You'll also visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Blaca monastery which is built into the karst rocks and was founded in 1551 by Glagoltic monks from Poljica Republic.

Private motor boat to Hvar via Vis and Biševo Private motor boat to Hvar via Vis and Biševo

Board your motor boat and travel to Hvar, stopping to visit the islands of Vis and Biševo, famous for their inlets and caves. Explore the Blue Cave, only accessible by boat, and on a calm sunny day, appreciate the illumination and wonderful colours. You'll also stop in the beautiful bay of Stiniva for a swim and visit the nearby Green Cave, also famous for its light effects.

Days 8-11


Accommodation in Hvar

Three nights in Hvar Three nights in Hvar

Averaging a record number of sunshine hours a year, long and narrow Hvar is Croatia's sunniest island and one of Europe's most sunlit spots. Rivalling even France's famed Saint-Tropez in terms of glamour, it's become Croatia's most popular destination and attracts luxury yachts, sun-seeking adventurers, and visitors of all kinds.

Bike tour around Hvar Bike tour around Hvar

Meet up with an expert guide and leave for biking tour of Hvar Island. You will explore beauties of the interior while biking along the paths, roads and fields.

Tour of Hvar Tour of Hvar

It was under Venetian rule that Hvar’s citizens developed the fine stone carving skills that resulted in a profusion of beautifully ornamented buildings. Enjoy exploring this pretty island with its wide harbour and long promenade dotted with small rocky beaches. You'll visit charming villages and wandering through the lavender fields and olive groves.

Flights & Transfers


Private boat transfer to Split

Private transfer to Dubrovnik via Mostar Private transfer to Dubrovnik via Mostar

The majestic old town of Mostar is a joy to explore. It takes its name from two Croatian words, 'most' meaning bridge and 'star' meaning old. The 500-year-old bridge is the star attraction, elegantly arching over the Neretva river. Wander through the cobbled streets and enjoy soaking up the atmosphere of Bosnia's second city.

Days 11-13


Accommodation in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik City and Sea Panorama
Two nights in Dubrovnik Two nights in Dubrovnik

Glimmering on the Adriatic coast, enchanting Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most up-market destination. Lauded by George Bernard Shaw as “Paradise on Earth", the city delights with its Mediterranean-style culture and the marbled streets of its UNESCO World Heritage old town.

Private walking tour of Dubrovnik Old Town with visit to the city walls Private walking tour of Dubrovnik Old Town with visit to the city walls

Meet your guide for a pleasant walk through Dubrovnik Old Town and a visit to the fabulous city walls. George Bernard Shaw was so enchanted by this beautiful city that he exclaimed "those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik", as well as famously describing it as "the pearl of the Adriatic". Dubrovnik's Old Town became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. A magnificent curtain of walls surrounds marble streets and baroque buildings that exude a pearly light in the Adriatic sun. The main pedestrian thoroughfare, Placa, is a mélange of cafés and shops with outstanding monuments at either end. Churches, monasteries, and museums ornamented with finely carved stone recall an eventful history and a vibrant artistic tradition. Return to your hotel on your own account, by public bus or taxi.

Kayaking tour around Dubrovnik and Lokrum island Kayaking tour around Dubrovnik and Lokrum island

This unique sea kayaking adventure lets you appreciate the city from a totally different angle. You'll head out towards the island of Lokrum, passing under Dubrovnik's magnificent city walls. Discover hidden caves and beaches while paddling past impressive rock formations. There is the opportunity to swim and snorkel and you'll enjoy a stop on Lokrum to explore its beautiful botanical gardens.

Flights & Transfers


Transfer to Dubrovnik Airport

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