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  • Luxury accommodation throughout including two nights at the Treehotel and three nights at the Icehotel
  • Northern lights viewing, dog sledding, snowshoeing, spa boat, ice dining and forest sauna experiences
  • Privately guided tours in Oslo, Tromso and Stockholm
  • Internal flights and private transfers
  • Full support from your Travel Concierge before, during and after your trip
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At a glance

Begin in Norway’s cool capital, Oslo, where you’ll spend two nights in a handpicked luxury hotel, with a privately guided tour to introduce you to the city and plenty of time to do your own thing. Winter is a great time of year to visit as the locals can be found making the most of the season ice skating, skiing, sledding or snuggling up in a cosy café.

Next fly north to Tromso, the last major settlement before the wilds of the Arctic Ocean, and vibrant centre for a string of historic fishing villages. Snow shoe across the icy tundra on the lookout for reindeer and take a cruise aboard an old whaling boat that has been converted into a spa, perhaps fishing and taking a bracing swim before warming up inside with a gourmet meal. Tromso is a great place for watching the Aurora Borealis dance across the sky at night.

Journey a short way south into the vast snow-blanketed forests of Swedish Lapland. Split your time here between an incredible tree-house at the Treehotel and the famous Icehotel, trying your hand at dog sledding, ice fishing, hunting the northern lights on a snowmobile, sweating it out in a sauna and meeting members of the indigenous Sami Tribe, as well as enjoying some unforgettable dining experiences.

End your adventure in stylish Stockholm with its world-class museums, great restaurants and beautiful architecture. Once again, a private guide will introduce you to the capital on a tour that can be tailored to your interests, with time to relax and explore before your flight home.

Example trip itinerary

Days 1-3


Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel

Accommodation in Oslo

Oslo waterfront, Norway
Two nights in Oslo Two nights in Oslo

Sitting at the head of a fjord, with the forests behind it, the Norwegian Capital is gifted with a unique combination of vibrant city life and easy access to the outdoors. Although the most populous city in Norway, Oslo is the perfect size for exploring on foot. You'll be drawn in by an eclectic mix of old and new architecture, world-class museums, animated nightlife and plenty of outdoor activities. The trading roots of this ancient Viking city are reflected in the importance of the buildings surrounding its harbours. It's here that you'll find the Town Hall, The Nobel Peace Centre, the medieval Akershus Fortress and the National Opera House.

Oslo waterfront, Norway
Oslo city tour Oslo city tour

This privately guided tour of Norway's capital will be structured with your interests in mind. Your local guide will introduce you to some of the city's most important and interesting sites. You could take a tour of the Viking Ship Museum and learn all about the Scandinavians who explored Europe by its seas and rivers. Stop in at the open-air Norwegian Folk Museum, the country's largest museum of cultural history, where there are a variety of exhibitions of folk art, costumes, toys and Sami culture. Or spend some time in the Vigeland Sculpture Park which boasts more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron, all crafted by Gustav Vigeland. You can also take a turn past Holmenkollen ski jump hill and the Ski Museum below it. The museum's exhibitions outline 4000 years of ski history.

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Private transfer to Oslo airport


Flight from Oslo to Tromso

Days 3-5


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Private transfer to your lodge in Tromso

Accommodation in Tromso

Norway city panorama - Tromso at sunset
Two nights in Tromso Two nights in Tromso

As you arrive in Tromso, ‘the arctic capital’, you experience a sudden rush of excitement: you're at the last outpost of civilisation before the wild icy sweeps of the Arctic Ocean. But while the streets and harbor may reflect a past of polar adventure, Tromsø is more than just a dropping off point for Arctic expeditions - it's a vibrant cultural centre for a region of small fishing villages.

Located on an island connected by bridges to the mainland, the center is famous for its charming, old wooden houses, cathedral and ancient cinema. The atmosphere is as lively as you'd expect of a bustling port town, which is also the site of the most northerly university on the planet, and you'll find many fine restaurants, cafes and bars here.

Half day exploring Tromso and its museums Half day exploring Tromso and its museums

This morning head into Tromso to acquaint yourself with the vibrant city and visit some of its best museums. During the tour you will see the Polar museum and Polaria, the world's most northerly aquarium.

Tundra Snowshoeing Tundra Snowshoeing

Today you will be driven with your guide to windswept alpine tundra landscapes outside of the city. You will use snowshoes to discover the secrets of the boreal forests, perhaps spotting wildlife such as reindeer as you learn about this incredible arctic landscape.

Vulkana spa boat cruise Vulkana spa boat cruise

Board an old whaling boat and embark on a cruise to discover the mountains around the Arctic city of Tromso. The boat has a sauna and hamman so guests can relax while watching the epic scenery glide by. There is also the option to fish from the boat and swim in the sea and, if you are lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. The on-board chef will also prepare a delicious three-course meal for you to enjoy as you sail through this majestic landscape.

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Private transfer to Oslo airport


Flight from Oslo to Luleå Airport

Days 5-10

Swedish Lapland

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Private transfer to your hotel

Accommodation in Swedish Lapland

Two nights at the Treehotel Two nights at the Treehotel

Discover magical Lapland with two nights at the Treehotel. Reindeer stand proud beneath snow heavy trees, the night skies dance with iridescent shades of green and purple and locals and visitors alike share stories over fika, the traditional Swedish coffee and pastry. Swedish Lapland is a magical place filled with natural wonder, folklore and a rich cultural heritage.

Aurora Borealis
Treehotel: Northern Lights photography Treehotel: Northern Lights photography

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, can be seen here in Lapland when the sky is clear combined with solar activity where charged particles from the sun's solar waves collide with gases in the Earth's magnetic field, creating an incredible light show. Head to nearby Bodträskån, which lies in the middle of the forest. Here you can experience silence and darkness, a good place to see the Aurora and discover Arctic winter at night. Together with a photographer, you'll be set up with a tripod and a DSLR camera. Step by step you'll be given instructions on how to capture the night sky and you'll have beautiful pictures to take home with you on your memory card.

Ice fishing Ice fishing

Head out on a privately guided ice fishing tour where you will learn all the skills you need before you try to catch some fish. Warm up afterward with some time in the sauna or Jacuzzi.

Treehotel: Forest Spa and Jacuzzi Treehotel: Forest Spa and Jacuzzi
Treehotel: Ice dining experience Treehotel: Ice dining experience

You'll be taken by snowmobile and sled down to the river for a wonderful evening. The sky is lit by torches and candles while you are served a three-course dinner in a heated tipi tent on an ice-covered lake. You'll sit on reindeer skins and enjoy a fantastic meal over two and a half hours with a chance of watching the Northern Lights.

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Private transfer to the Icehotel

Accommodation in Swedish Lapland

Three nights at the Icehotel Three nights at the Icehotel

Enjoy another three nights in Swedish Lapland, this time exploring a more northerly swathe of arctic wilderness from the iconic Icehotel.

Icehotel: Dog sled ride Icehotel: Dog sled ride

You'll ride as a passenger in the sled and experience the dogs' tremendous desire to run as they pull you though the beautiful landscape of northern Lapland. As part of the experience, you'll enjoy coffee and cake served by an open fire.

Icehotel: Northern Lights snowmobile safari Icehotel: Northern Lights snowmobile safari

The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, can be seen in Jukkasjärvi between September and March. The best place to see it is out in the wilderness, away from artificial light and the snowmobile is a great way to get around. Your guide will explain how the Northern Lights appear, what causes it and the folklore around the phenomenon. They'll be a few photo stops along the way and a warming dinner at a wilderness camp.

Icehotel: Ice Menu Icehotel: Ice Menu

You have a table booked for you to enjoy the Icehotel's exclusive Ice Menu. This involves fives courses of fantastic local cuisine, some of which are served on beds of pure ice.

Icehotel: Meet the Reindeer Icehotel: Meet the Reindeer

The Sámi people inhabitated northern Scandinavia long before the city of Kiruna was founded. For thousands of years, they’ve lived in harmony with nature and their reindeer, constantly moving in search of food for the herd. Nils Nutti is Sámi and through his business Nutti Sámi Siida, he lets curious visitors get a close encounter with his culture. Meet the reindeer, tast the food and try driving the reindeer sled.

Join your Sámi guide to the reindeer camp for an encounter with the reindeer and Sámi culture. Try a reindeer sled ride around a short track and hand-feed the curious calves. Get a brief insight into the Sámi lifestyle and culture over a hot coffee and delicious “souvas”, the Sámi signature dish, around the roaring fire in the traditional tent. Transfers are included in the price.

Icehotel: Sauna Icehotel: Sauna

Saunas are an important part of Arctic culture, especially along the Torne River. Take a short walk through the snow out to where the Icehotel has converted an historic cabin into a sauna and relaxation area. Enjoy the heat of the sauna which is an everyday custom within northern Sweden. To complete the ritual take an icy river plunge for a cleansing of the mind and body, if you're brave enough.

Private transfer to Kiruna Airport Private transfer to Kiruna Airport
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Flight from Kiruna to Stockholm

Days 10-12


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Private transfer to your hotel in Stockholm

Accommodation in Stockholm

Two nights in Stockholm Two nights in Stockholm

Enjoy your days exploring Stockholm, Sweden's beautiful capital. Set over 14 islands, it's a place of water and greenery as much as the urban, a place where centuries of history meet the constant forward thinking nature of its near 1 million inhabitants. As well as fine museums, trend-setting restaurants and vibrant nightclubs, a short cruise out of the city will find you among the thousands of beautiful islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago, making this a city that feels surprisingly outdoorsy.

Stockholm Highlights Stockholm Highlights

On this tour, you'll get to see some of the city's most popular highlights, including the Vasa Museum, the Royal Palace and the City Hall. At Vasa Museum you will get to marvel at the remnants of a wreck which lay at the bottom of the ocean for some 333 years. Next, you'll breathe in the fresh air as you wander down hidden alleyways between medieval buildings in Gamla Stan (the old town). Pop into the Royal Palace of Stockholm and see the state apartments. Have a proper introduction to the Swedish Royal family, pass by the cathedral, and discover the historic Stortorget and Mårten Trotzigs Gränd alleyways. Then you end the tour with glimpses of some of Stockholm's city districts, like Södermalm, Djurgården, Norrmalm and Östermalm.

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