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Athens, Greece

Hotel Grande Bretagne

For some of the best views in the city

Stunning views of the Acropolis and Athens' skyline

The hotel was built in 1874 and is full of old-world charm. Each of its 320 rooms and suites are beautifully styled, with antique furnishings, chandeliers and traditional tiled floors.

With such spectacular views, you’ll want to head up to the rooftop pool and bar. Seeing the Acropolis illuminated at night is a truly spectacular sight so make sure you try one of their signature cocktails and enjoy the sparkling lights of the city.

There’s also plenty to draw you inside, including the bright and airy Winter Garden Lounge, an extension of the hotel’s beautiful lobby. The cellar is filled with over 3,000 bottles of wine and it’s well worth enjoying a drink at Alexander’s Bar which features an original 19th-centuty tapestry depicting Alexander the Great entering Gaugamela.

For when you need to relax and unwind, make a beeline for the spa and fitness centre, complete with indoor pool.


320 rooms and suites

Winter Garden restaurant

Rooftop pool and bar

Spa and fitness centre

Indoor pool

The impact of your stay:

  • City hotels, like the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens, serve as custodians of rich heritage, actively preserving a significant neoclassical building with a history dating back to 1842. Through dedicated efforts in conservation and restoration, the hotel ensures the enduring legacy of cultural heritage within its walls.
  • Conducting a comprehensive plastic audit, the hotel addresses common sources of plastic waste with clear reduction targets. Initiatives include filtered water stations, replacing plastic straws with reusable alternatives, and collaborating with sustainable suppliers. The commitment extends to green cleaning practices, using non-toxic or plant-based solutions, and employing energy-efficient equipment. Recycling is prioritised with clearly labelled bins, complemented by staff and guest education on proper waste sorting.
  • The hotel actively engages its staff in a wide range of local fundraisers, aligning with a robust commitment to community support. These initiatives include regular fundraising activities with various local charities, donation drives for clothing and books, weekly food donations to support the homeless and socially vulnerable groups, and regular contributions to local orphanages.
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