Away from Rajasthan’s thronging historic cities, this vast state – India’s largest – is peppered with traditional villages, looked over by fortresses in the rugged mountains, and awash with the sands of the baking Thar desert.

It’s also out here where you’ll find some of the finest places to stay in Rajasthan, whether you’re after a little respite between cities, a spiritual getaway, some glamping in the desert or in search of wildlife in exclusive wilderness.

Some of our favourites include Amanbagh, a beautiful retreat in the mountains northeast of Jaipur where you’ll find yourself alone amongst ancient temples, tracking big cats in Sariska National Park or immersing yourself in ancient Ayurvedic wellness.

Or head to JAWAI, a luxurious safari camp in the Aravalli Hills between Udaipur and Jodhpur. Here, walk with vibrant Rabari herdsmen and head out on game drives in search of leopards.

You can also stay at the edge of the great Thar Desert, perhaps in a castle made of sand at Mihir Garh or one of The Serai’s elegant white canvas tents by the golden city of Jaisalmer.

What to do

  • Stay at the luxurious JAWAI camp and head out on a leopard safari
  • Experience the vast beauty of India's Thar Desert
  • Walk around historic forts and visit local villages while staying at the luxurious Amanbagh