The romantic city of Udaipur sits surrounded on all sides by the wooded Aravalli Hills, its grand palaces reflected in serene lakes.

Certainly one of the most scenic cities in Rajasthan, and perhaps in all India, this unmatched setting along with Udaipur’s rich history and culture make it a must-see.

Established in the 16th century as the capital of Mewar kingdom, it flourished through its time as a princely state at the time of the British Raj. Today, Udaipur is brimming with ornate architecture, its temples, palaces, forts and gardens embracing a diverse array of Rajasthani, Mughal, European and Chinese architectural styles.

The old city is a bustling jumble of alleys and side streets, but tranquility is never far away, be it boating on one of the lakes, a panoramic view from the hilltop Monsoon Temple, or in one of the many astounding luxury hotels here. And Udaipur is home to a selection of India’s very best, some themselves iconic palaces that seemingly float on the lake.

For shoppers, Udaipur’s ancient bazaars and a vibrant arts scene make it a great place to find intricate Mughal inspired miniature paintings, marble and silver craft. For those seeking some adventure, the rolling countryside outside the city can be explored on foot or horseback.

What to do

  • Cycle tour around Udaipur's lakes and surrounding countryside
  • Sunset boat trip around Lake Pichola
  • Explore the City Palace and the old town