A ten-day trip from Delhi to the azure old town of Jodhpur before a night in a desert castle, a luxury leopard safari and two nights in Udaipur

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At a glance

Discover Delhi and the jewels of Rajasthan on a luxury ten-day active adventure across this incredible corner of India, accompanied the whole way by your very own expert guide.

Begin with two nights in the thronging metropolis of Delhi, starting with a meditative yoga session before exploring grand New Delhi and then the jumbled old city, seeing two contrasting sides of this dynamic capital.

Next, fly southwest into Rajasthan and the glorious city of Jodhpur, with its iconic blue old town overlooked by the great Mehrangarh Fort. As well as touring these incredible sites with your guide, you’ll soak up the atmosphere of a local bazaar and head out of town on a bike ride to visit the workshop of a master carpet weaver.

The two-wheeled adventure continues as you cycle south through rural Rajasthan to the extraordinary Mihir Gahr, a boutique fortress, for a night among the dunes of the Thar Desert. Meet the locals on a fascinating village tour before continuing to another luxury gem, JAWAI, for three days of game drives out to spot the area’s famed leopards, country walks with red-turbaned Rabari herdsmen and sheer relaxation in this most peaceful of places.

Your southward journey ends at the lakes of Udaipur, a spectacular city of palaces and temples surrounded by the Aravalli Hills. See the best of this romantic setting’s architectural wonders, meet local artists and tour the scenic countryside on a final cycling excursion.

Example trip itinerary

Days 1-3


Airport assistance at Delhi Airport Airport assistance at Delhi Airport

On exiting the aircraft, you will be met and assisted through the airport’s immigration and baggage reclaim.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel with guide

Accommodation in Delhi

Two nights in Delhi Two nights in Delhi

With a population of over 18 million, Delhi is an international metropolis. Perhaps daunting at first sight, a little exploring soon reveals a rich, diverse and fascinating culture. Throughout most of its history, it has served as the capital of various kingdoms and empires, captured and rebuilt time and time again. Every dynasty left its mark and as you start to explore, you’ll discover reminders and relics from this colossal game of pass the parcel.

As well as centuries worth of history to explore, Delhi is also one of the best places in India to shop, try the many different styles of food and experience the buzz of a city where its millions of inhabitants are going about their daily business. And if weaving your way in and out of the rickshaws and cyclists ever starts to get too much, turn the corner and you’ll find a tranquil garden or a quiet enclave in which to stop, gather your thoughts and recharge.

Morning yoga session in Delhi Morning yoga session in Delhi

Head to Lodi Gardens, a park in New Delhi, to start your day with a relaxing yoga session.

New Delhi tour New Delhi tour

Explore New Delhi, an area within Delhi built as the seat of the British Indian government in the early twentieth century. Much of the design was by architect Edwins Lutyens, and thus it is referred to as Lutyens' Delhi, who invented his own order of classical architecture. There are grand buildings, such as Rashtrapati Bhavan (formerly known as Viceroy’s House), as well as the Lutyens Bungalow Zone, a green area of residential buildings that has the most expensive real estate in India and possibly the world. You’ll also see Humayun's Tomb, built in 1570 as the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent.

Old Delhi tour Old Delhi tour

In complete contrast to the new city, the old city is a labyrinthine maze of lanes overhung by a tangled mass of electric wires. Within this chaos lies a semblance of order – each lane in this area is dedicated to a particular item, rather like a department store. There are lanes selling bangles, grocers, items used in weddings, silverware, clothes, spices and shoes. Sharing the same space are vendors with carts selling a variety of items, street side dentists, natural healers and cobblers. The old city has space for all professions. You will explore the old city in cycle rickshaws and will also walk along some of the more interesting alleys.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to Delhi airport with guide


Flight from Delhi to Jodhpur

Days 3-5


Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel with guide

Accommodation in Jodhpur

Two nights in Jodhpur Two nights in Jodhpur

Rajasthan’s second largest city, historic Jodhpur may just be its most photogenic. Known as the Blue City, its 16th century old town is crammed with hundreds of houses painted bright shades of blue, connected by labyrinthine streets, bustling spice bazaars and flitting multi-hued saris, all overlooked by the immense Mehrangarh Fort.

Sadr Bazaar tour Sadr Bazaar tour

Head to the Sadr Bazaar in the old city where you can shop for Jodhpur’s famous glass bangles, rugged camel leather mojri slippers and incredible fabrics. You will stop at the a famous place in the market that makes the famous Jodhpur ‘mirchi pakora’ - large chilies fried in batter - and a famous lassi shop that makes a variety of yogurt smoothies.

Morning yoga session in Jodhpur Morning yoga session in Jodhpur

Start the day with a relaxing yoga session.

Cycling tour to Salawas Cycling tour to Salawas

Drive out of the city before beginning a leisurely cycling trip of around 2 hours, weaving through farmland and small patches of bush, ending in Salawas at the home of the most famous dhurry rug maker in Rajasthan, if not India.

Mehrangarh Fort tour Mehrangarh Fort tour

Explore the stunning Mehrangarh Fort with your guide, one of the largest forts in India. Built around 1460, with cliff sides chiselled flat to make them unscalable and monumental walls built on top, the vast complex envelops several of Rajasthan’s most beautiful palaces, a series of cool courtyards and an extensive garden. Grand gates bear the marks of numerous failed sieges and its museum holds a stunning array of arms, costumes and artwork from the Marwar kingdom’s glorious zenith.

Blue City heritage walk Blue City heritage walk

Walk among the exquisitely carved havelis and lesser known bazaars of the Blue City. This area of the city was primarily inhabited by Brahmins, the highest castes of Hinduism who chose to add a bit of Indigo while colouring their houses. Walking through the residential areas you head towards the bustling bazaars of the walled city, exploring its heritage of arts and craft from sword makers to perfume makers. The range of activity is fascinating. You will also visit the Kishanji Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna which is famous for its garland makers and sweet shops.

Days 5-8

Rural Rajasthan

Cycle to Mihir Garh Cycle to Mihir Garh

Drive a short way out of town before beginning a leisurely 3 hour cycle south through rural Rajasthan to Mihir Garh, a luxury castle in the desert. For those who would rather be driven, a vehicle will be on hand.

Check in to Mihir Gahr Check in to Mihir Gahr

Check in to your suite at Mihir Gahr.

One night at Mihir Gahr One night at Mihir Gahr

Experience the wild setting on a range of excursions such as horse riding on fine specimens of the hardy Marwari breed, tours to nearby villages to learn about the unique culture of rural Rajasthan, picnics in the deserts and bird watching. A really special experience is a ‘shikar’ dinner in the desert, a traditional hunting feast by the fire out in the dunes under the stars before a camel ride back to the fort.

Private Bishnoi village visit Private Bishnoi village visit

Visit a nearby Bishnoi village, a religious group found here in the Western Thar Desert and northern states of India. They follow a set of 29 principles given by Guru Jambheshwar in the 15th century, who taught that trees and wildlife should be protected, prophesying that harming the environment means harming oneself.

Flights & transfers


Transfer to JAWAI

Check in to JAWAI Check in to JAWAI

Check in to your luxurious tent at JAWAI.

Two nights at JAWAI Two nights at JAWAI

Explore this remote corner of Rajasthan on a variety of beguiling activities, from game drives out to spot leopards and other wildlife, to bird watching walks (there are 170 species of birds here including flamingos), strolls with the local shepherds or more challenging treks. You can also visit nearby temples and forts, take mountain bikes out to discover the landscape or relax with yoga sessions in wonderfully secluded locations.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer from JAWAI to Udaipur via Ranakpur with guide

Days 8-10


Accommodation in Udaipur

Two nights in Udaipur Two nights in Udaipur

The scenic city of Udaipur sits surrounded on all sides by the wooded Aravalli Hills, its grand palaces reflected in serene lakes. The old city is a bustling jumble of alleys and side streets, but tranquility is never far away, be it boating on one of the lakes or a panoramic view from the hilltop Monsoon Temple. For shoppers, Udaipur’s ancient bazaars and a vibrant arts scene make it a great place to find intricate Mughal inspired miniature paintings, marble and silver craft. For those seeking some adventure, the rolling countryside outside the city can be explored on foot or horseback.

Tour of Udaipur's City Palace Tour of Udaipur's City Palace

The City Palace, sat on the banks of Lake Pichola, is one of the architectural wonders of Rajasthan, its detailed art and workmanship a tribute to the skills of local craftspeople. A collection of towers, domes and arches, the Palace illustrates several architectural styles including Moghal and Rajput. The royal family claim to be 'surya vansh', descendents of the sun, and so the whole structure faces east and there is a stunning bejewelled image of the sun at the entrance. Inside the Palace there is an interesting collection of Rajput miniature paintings and the Crystal Gallery which houses an eccentric collection of art and furniture.

Guided walk through Udaipur's old city Guided walk through Udaipur's old city

Enjoy wandering the old city with your guide, winding your way through lanes that teem with cows, elephants and people. You'll pass shops, folk art hung on the walls of houses and pretty latticed haveli windows.

Jal Sanjhvi water painting Jal Sanjhvi water painting

Jal Sanjhvi is the art of drawing on water, a popular ritual performed at temples dedicated to Krishna where coloured powders are used to draw iconic images onto water. A full canvas takes about five hours to create, and you'll arrive in time to see the picture completed.

Cycle tour around Udaipur's lakes and countryside Cycle tour around Udaipur's lakes and countryside

This is a great introductory ride to see a very pretty side of Udaipur rarely visited by tourists. You will be taken by boat to a jetty where you will hop on your bikes ready to explore. Ride past the three lakes west of Udaipur town and through nearby villages, farms, and rolling green hills.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to Udaipur airport with guide

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