Rachel O’Leary

Travel Designer

I have always loved to travel, but my passion for Asia in particular was first ignited when I spent a year teaching English in South Korea. I found the culture fascinating and the food phenomenal. It was there that I decided to take full advantage of my proximity to both Australasia and Southeast Asia, and seized the chance to explore this extraordinary region when I finished teaching.

I spent several months travelling through Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Personal highlights included snorkelling the mighty Great Barrier Reef in Northern Queensland; learning about the rich history – both ancient and modern – of Cambodia; and cruising through the stunning Halong Bay in northern Vietnam.

Since working for Jacada, I have explored Indonesia’s towering volcanoes and dramatic coastlines, the unique wildlife of Borneo and the magical temples of Myanmar. I’ve been blown away by the majesty of Northern India and discovered the tiny but incredibly diverse country of Sri Lanka. I returned to South Korea and ate my way around the country before hopping across to Japan to learn more about its rich history and cultural traditions. I was also lucky enough to visit the immense and endlessly fascinating country of China, and marvelled at the profound sense of history at every turn.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to use my in-depth experience and passion for Asia and Australasia to create bespoke luxury trips for people who I am certain will return feeling the same way about my favourite part of the world.

Ask me about exploring Java’s volcanoes and temples, how to escape the crowds in rural Rajasthan and what marine life you can expect to encounter in Western Australia.

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