A dense and intricate network of rivers, lagoons, and canals crisscross 11 different habitats of rainforest, swamp and beach, to be explored by either boat or foot. If Costa Rica is one of Latin America’s prime wildlife-watching destinations, this would make Tortuguero one of the finest national parks between Mexico’s borders and Chile’s most southern tip.

Translated as ‘Land of the Turtles’, this is quite simply unmissable to many visiting the country’s Caribbean coast. 19,000 acres of extraordinary biological diversity take up a large portion of the north-eastern shoreline and can only be accessed by boat or small aircraft.

Not only an important nesting site for green sea turtles, leatherbacks, hawkbills and loggerheads, Tortuguero is also a vital wetland for spoonbills, herons, parrots, toucans and cormorants to name but a few. Spider monkeys, poison dart frogs, crocodiles, sloths, butterflies, and if you’re lucky a jaguar or tapir, are just some of the jungle’s incredible wildlife to look out for.

We can provide private transfers to Tortuguero Village, from which most trails and expeditions begin, as well as excellent naturalist guides and exclusive guided tours of the parkland and waterways.

What to do

  • Wildlife tours by boat with a naturalist guide
  • Hike the self-guided trails
  • Stroll the broad beaches
  • Sport fishing
  • Turtle nesting tours (July to September)