Melanie Vieira


I was born and raised in the countryside of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Maybe it is the luck of living in such an amazing country, maybe it is my inheritance from Polish and Portuguese grandparents, but I love travelling.

Argentina has it all: incredible falls, the Andes Mountains, glaciers, wetlands, crystalline lakes in Patagonia, rich wildlife: from penguins to whales, pumas, guanacos, birds, carpinchos, such a rich and diverse culture. Every province you visit has its enchantment. Terrific food & wine! I am so grateful that I had the chance to travel within Argentina since I was a child.

While growing up, I had this feeling of wanting to explore even more and luckily I was able to visit some stunning spots in Latin America & Europe. But definitely, I will always want more.

I feel so blessed to work on making peoples trips special and taking care of every detail with awareness of the positive impact on local communities and the environment. Please make sure you share with me your preferences and make all the questions you need. I will love to assist you and help to create memorable experiences for you and your loved ones.

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