South Africa; Madikwe Game Reserve; Sanctuary Makanyane

Where to Travel in August

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Written by
Angela Thomas, Jennifer Richt, Kate Herz, Katie Holmes & Michele Santomassimo

Published on: August 16th, 2017

Last modified: May 17th, 2023

August is a popular holiday month, and it can be tricky to navigate planning a vacation at this time.

If you're anything like us, you look for something that sets your vacation apart from an ordinary, run-of-the-mill summer vacation.

These are our experts' tips on the where to travel in August to do just that.

South Africa
Diving and snorkelling
Wildlife encounters
The Pantanal, Brazil
City trip
Central Vietnam
Shark South Africa

Shark and whale spotting in South Africa

One of the most impressive sights when spotting Great White sharks is watching them breach – this is when they throw their entire bodies out the water while attacking their prey. Visit False Bay or head to Gansbaai, about 2.5 hours from Cape Town, to see them in action. This time of year also coincides with the whale season along the Western Cape.

View from Bartolome Island

Diving and snorkelling in Ecuador and the Galapagos

Although Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination, at this time of year the waters are both cooler and calmer which creates better conditions for diving and snorkelling. This is also a great time to see the Galapagos Albatross nesting on Espanola Island, or head to South Plaza to see some sea lion pups.


Spot jaguars in the Pantanal, Brazil

The world’s largest wetlands area, the Pantanal is one of the best areas in South America for wildlife encounters. Chances of spotting animals, including the beautiful jaguar, are highest during the dry season and there are some great experiences on offer here where you can go out with experienced trackers in search of these majestic animals.


Culture and cuisine in Central Vietnam

The charming towns of Hue and Hoi An are best explored during the dry season when the weather is hot and sunny, giving you the perfect backdrop against which to explore these towns with their melting pot of cultural influences, romantic architecture and delicious cuisine, as well as the pristine white beaches nearby.

Hibiscus floating off tropical Fiji island

Beach holiday in Fiji

In the middle of Fiji‘s dry season, it’s less humid and temperatures are a bit cooler (usually ranging from 19-29 degrees C) so outdoor activities are more pleasant. Try snorkelling and surfing, or just let your worries wash away as you sun on the beach.

Remarkables Ski Field and Arrowtown in the background

Winter playground in New Zealand

For winter sports fans who just can’t get enough, New Zealand’s South Island is just one big winter playground from June to August.Queenstown in particular is a hive of activity during the winter months with several ski slopes nearby, and even a heli-ski option for real adrenaline junkies.


Island paradise in Sumba

April to November is the perfect time to travel to the island paradise of Sumba, when the weather will be at its best during dry season. Immerse yourself in the island’s remarkable traditional culture, explore the pristine island environment of rainforest, rice paddies, waterfall pools and perfect beaches.

Olive Groves by the sea, Apulia, Italy

A culinary journey in Puglia, Italy

Enjoy the glorious Italian summer sunshine in Puglia‘s gorgeous countryside, picnicking in olive groves, sipping on local wine, learning to make the region’s classic orecchiette pasta, visiting mozzarella farms and munching your way around the region’s finest products.

Etretat Normandy France

Cathedrals and coast in Northern France

The climate here is more akin to the south of England (i.e. temperamental, experiencing rain year-round and even in the height of summer) but July is when it’s likely to be at it’s sunniest and most clement, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore the region’s gothic cathedrals, imposing cliffs and gentle rolling hills, golden with crops in spring and summer (and so perfect for cycling or walking).

Talk to one of our experts today and start creating your August getaway.