Iceland‘s interior is stark and wild, filled with cinematic panoramas of black lava fields, gravel plains and glacial rivers interrupted by jutting mountain ridges, volcanoes and ice caps. In this vastly varying landscape, the ground is mostly covered by hues of dark earth or volcanic ash, but near the glacial rivers there are several startlingly green oasis-like areas. Travel through it during your Iceland tour, and you’ll see glaciers and snowcaps interchange with volcanic fissures and geothermal hot springs.

Historically uninhabited, the Vikings crossed it only to reach their annual law-making sessions at Thingvellir, and it retains the desolate, raw beauty of a no-man’s-land to this day. There are no towns or villages; you’ll truly feel the exclusivity of the wild on this Iceland tour.

A territory for only the most adventurous, Iceland‘s interior highlands have no sealed roads and bridges are few and far between, making 4×4 vehicles a necessity for navigating off-road terrain and fording rivers. In winter, snowmobiles, snow scooters and modified jeeps will be your modes of transport. Make the adventurous journey to Iceland’s interior and you’ll be met with an utterly unique experience that’s not for the faint hearted.

When to go

In winter, movement is restricted to off-road tracks which can only be used in times of heavy snowfall. In the summer, the absence of sealed roads means you will need to travel in 4x4 vehicles. December has little to no daylight, which tends to ease off in January.


What to do

  • Bathe in naturally hot, geothermal rivers
  • Visit Thorsmork woodland nature reserve
  • See the beautiful Aldeyjarfoss waterfall
  • Cross country ski
  • Snowmobile

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