It’s true when people say that Victoria Falls should be seen from every angle you can get to, and the Zimbabwean side, on the southern bank of the Zambezi River, exposes still further views and thrills. Indeed this is where the largest volumes of water in all the falls can be seen.

Only on this side can you visit the Devil’s Cataract, regarded as the area with the most impressive views of the Victoria Falls. With an average of 550,000 cubic metres of water passing over the Falls each minute here, it stands as the largest curtain of water in the world, and is a truly remarkable sight to see. You also get to marvel at First Gorge’s 110 meter wide (360 ft) cascades flowing down 150 metres (500ft) at a rapid pace, zigzagging in and out of a series of gorges.

If staying in Victoria Falls town you can walk down the pathways to contemplate the different viewpoints of the falls, with some of the very best seats at Knife Edge Bridge and the Victoria Falls Bridge. The views from low down by the Zambezi River are a good way to experience their power up-close, at certain times of the year it is even possible to enjoy a swim in pools on the very crest of the cataract.

For the adrenalin junkies there are a host of activities from bungee jumping (111 metre jump) off the Victoria Falls Bridge to enjoying a hair-raising white water rafting trip. For those that want their experience to be more relaxing we can arrange a private helicopter flight or a cruise along the Zambezi River, allowing you to view the diverse range of wildlife inhabited in this region of Africa.

When to go

The Falls can be enjoyed all year round, though the levels of the waters can vary quite a lot. Both low and high water have their own advantages (though the high water is more spectacular, the spray can make the falls harder to see).


What to do

  • Tour the falls on foot, by helicopter or by micro-light
  • Experience the wildlife of the Zambezi river from a cruise boat
  • Enjoy the arts and crafts markets in Victoria Falls town

Accommodation in Victoria Falls

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