Industrial chic on Lake St Clair


Facilities & services

  • 18 rooms
  • Restaurant
  • In-room larder


  • Walking
  • Trout fishing
  • The Overland Track

The original inhabitants of Lake St Clair referred to it as Sleeping Water and a stay at Pumphouse Point is to experience the calm and natural beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness.

In 1940, the construction of a five-storey pumphouse began to house enormous water turbines to pump water from Lake St Clair into the nearby St Clair Lagoon. After being decommissioned in the 90s, the building was purchased and in 2015, turned into luxury accommodation. The design of Pumphouse Point is inspired by the industrial heritage of the building. Little has been done to the exterior and the interiors are simple but incredibly comfortable, so as not to detract from its character and the incredible setting.

Located 250m out into Lake St Clair is The Pumphouse, where 12 bedrooms are spread over three levels. Each room enjoys beautiful views out across the water and there are cosy lounges on the first two levels, with bay windows facing the mountains.

The Shorehouse is the former sub station located on the banks of the lake. Six rooms look out over the lake or the bush, and the ground floor is dedicated to the dining room and lounge.

And hidden on the edge of the lake, hugged by native bush, The Retreat is an opulent private cabin and modern architectural gem for two.

Each evening guests come together to savour the flavours of the Tasmanian with sharing platters brought to the table. In each of the rooms there is a larder filled with delicious soups, cheeses, cured meats as well as wine, beers and the island’s famous cider, ensuring you don’t have to go far to enjoy a lovely culinary journey.

It is no surprise that some of the most popular activities in the area are the walking routes, over 100km of them cutting their way through giant myrtle forests or along Lakes St Claire and Shadow. This is even before mentioning the world-famous Overland Track and the great spots for trout fishing.

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