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Immerse yourself in fascinating culture, a rich history, beautiful scenery and sci-fi cities in a luxury Japan family tour.

Japan makes for a truly compelling family tour destination, with something for everyone amongst its 6,582 islands.

This is a land where centuries of history sit alongside vibrant modernity, where both ancient traditions are proudly upheld and the latest fashion and technological fads are enthusiastically followed. You can spend the day wandering Zen gardens, bathing in hot springs amidst the forest, before heading into the city as an array of multi-storey neon lights colour the crowds below. It is this seeming contradiction – back dropped by sublime scenery – that makes Japan so fascinating.

Our expert travel designers have years of experience in delivering tailor-made family trips, and your dedicated designer will shoulder all the detailed planning for a seamless adventure you can simply sit back and enjoy. They will help you create an itinerary that fits your time, tastes and interests as a family, factoring in your ages and ideal accommodation along with private tours, effortless travelling ease, and personal support and service from start to finish.

Whatever you choose to do in Japan, be it as much or as little as you like, we can make your luxury family tour here about more inspired experiences, more comfort, and more style than any other.

Whatever you want from your Asia tour, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help.

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Need to Know

is the local time
Yen is the local currency
Tokyo is the capital city
Sushi is Japan's national dish

When to go

Japan is a year-round destination. Visit in March and April to catch the cities cloaked in cherry blossom and October to November to see the maple trees explode in clouds of orange and red.

A guide to Japanese etiquette
Japanese tea ceremony

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