Glamping in pristine natural surroundings

Facilities & services
  • 40 cabins
  • Grill restaurant
  • Terrace with wood-fire oven
  • 'Cloud Terrace' wooden walkway
  • Canoeing
  • Horse riding
  • stargazing
  • Forest tours

Nestled within a pristine red pine forest overlooking Lake Kawaguchi and Mount Fuji is Hoshinoya Fuji, a beautiful glamping hideaway that allows guests to enjoy the tranquillity of their natural surroundings.

On arrival at reception guests are presented with a camping kit containing binoculars, headlamp, map and blanket before being driven up to the main site. Here you will find the cabins, restaurant and the Cloud Terrace – a network of walkways and wooden platforms seemingly suspended in the air.

40 cubic concrete blocks are nestled with the forest, minimalist in design but featuring everything you could possibly need. Large windows look out over the beautiful landscape and every cabin features a balcony where you can light a fire. Lighting in the cabins is soft, and around the site only the pathways are illuminated so as not to detract from the natural environment.

The main restaurant features a grill station in the middle where chefs cook up succulent steaks which are served with a seasoning rack. Alternatively, head up to the top of the Cloud Terrace and have a go at cooking in the wood-fired oven. For complete privacy, you can choose to dine in the comfort of your cabin.

Volcanic activity 10,000 years ago created a landscape of craters and ice caves, and the surrounding area is ripe for exploring. Canoe on the lake, go horse riding through the forest or take a lesson in stargazing and marvel at the night sky.

Where will you venture?

Whatever you want your luxury tour or safari itinerary to include, we’ll create something fully bespoke for you… and only you.