The 8 Best Snow Destinations in the World

Try snowshoeing or snowmobiling, meet reindeers, snow monkeys and Santa Claus...
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Louis Dhont

Published on: December 12th, 2019

Last modified: July 28th, 2023

When it comes to visiting the world's best snow destinations, there’s a few that standout from the crowd. Japan holds the record for the snowiest city on earth and Switzerland is revered for its beautiful alpine snow. Witness the spectacular northern lights in Iceland and in Finland, you might meet Santa Claus.

From winter activities among the soaring mountain peaks of Italy to silent cruises down Norway’s frozen fjords - there’s plenty of experiences to choose from too. Whether you're looking for a family adventure or a romantric trip for two, there’s something for everyone in the world’s best snow destinations.

We’ve asked our experts to let us know their favourite snowy destinations and explain why they love them, what they’re best for and importantly, the best time of year to visit to experience plenty of beautiful white snow.

1. Norway - The Best Snow Destination for Fjords and Northern Lights

Home to the breathtaking Fjords and one of the best places to view the spectacular northern lights, Norway offers a range of exclusive experiences to leave you spellbound. Embark on a luxury cruise along the stunning coastline, where you may also be lucky enough to spot whales emerging from the waves from October to mid-January.

When it comes to exciting places to stay, Norway doesn’t disappoint. Experience the rustic charm of Trappers Station, or stay at Isfjord Radio, the world’s most northern hotel.

2. Switzerland - The Best Snow Destination for Luxury Train Journeys and Pristine Lakes

Switzerland, which can boast snow all year round in some regions, is an outstanding destination for those seeking breathtaking Alpine scenery and serene lakeside retreats. South Western Switzerland is a fantastic option, home to the legendary Matterhorn, a magnificent mountain that towers over the charming town of Zermatt.

One of the best ways to truly appreciate the stunning landscape is by taking a luxury train journey. Although the trains run all year, to experience the best snowy scenes climb aboard between December to February for breathtaking views of the frozen lakes and mountains blanketed in snow.

3. Sweden - The Best Snow Destination for Dog Sledding and the Northern Lights

For those seeking an unforgettable snowy experience, try a dog sledding adventure through the pristine snowy landscapes of  Swedish Lapland during Sweden’s winter, November to February. This is also the best time to visit if you hope to catch a glimpse of the swirling green auroras of the northern lights.

Home to some of the world’s most iconic snow destination hotels, be sure to check in at some of our favourites during your adventures; there’s the world-renowned tree houses at the Treehotel or stay in the Icehotel, where you can sleep on a bed of ice.


4. Finland - The Best Snow Destination for Lapland Adventures to meet Santa Claus

Finnish Lapland is the ultimate playground for travellers and is one of Europe’s snowiest countries. Families seeking a winter wonderland adventure can go on a reindeer safari, a husky ride through the glistening snow-covered forests and even meet Santa Claus himself.

For thrillseekers there’s a chance to try your hand at a multitude of fun-filled activities. Perhaps speeding along on a mini snowmobile or sledging down the snowy hills.


5. Italy - The Best Snow Destination for Soaring Mountain Peaks and Winter Activities

The impressive mountain peaks of Italy’s Dolomites and the Alps are one of Europe’s year-round snowy locations. From December to April, when snowfall is at it’s heaviest, this region is perfect for both relaxation and exciting winter adventures such as snowshoeing, ice skating, and winter hiking.

Italy has plenty of charming towns and villages to explore, all with a fascinating history to discover. From the picturesque mediaeval town of Cortina d’Ampezzo to the stylish resort village of San Cassiano, Italy’s landscapes are perfect for a leisurely retreat as well as more active snowy experiences.

6. Iceland - The Best Snow Destination for the Northern Lights and Hot Springs

Iceland offers a plethora of activities, but none are more awe-inspiring than witnessing the spectacular northern lights. October to March are the best times to witness this natural phenomenon, and there are a myriad of ways to do so, from visiting the Aurora Borealis Observatory, to snowmobiling under the stars. 

Northern lights

After a day of adventure, relax at one of our favourite spots, The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon. Here you can sink into the embrace of the mineral-rich hot springs. To experience the solitude of Iceland’s vast wilderness, stay at Deplar Farm or Torfhús Retreat. Both offer remote experiences with exceptional comfort.



7. Japan - The Best Snow Destination for Abundant Snowfall and Snow Monkeys

Although famous for its cherry blossom and autumn seasons, Japan is also an incredible winter destination. The country’s stunning mountain ranges, including the iconic Mount Fuji, become even more captivating when covered in a blanket of snow.


From December to March, a visit to the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park offers an unforgettable experience. The Japanese macaque monkeys soak in the steaming hot springs to keep warm amidst the icy scenery.


8. Greenland - The Best Snow Destination for Remote Arctic Deserts and Indigenous Culture

Greenland is one of the most remote snow destinations and the perfect destination for Arctic adventures. Head to the town of Ilulissat, famous for its Icefjord which is particularly impressive during the months of December to March. 

Take the opportunity to explore the icecap and go glacier walking at Eqi, where you can learn about Inuit culture and the history of the region. And don’t forget about the wildlife, with the chance to see musk oxen in their natural surroundings.


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