Luxury Gourmet Tour of Japan

Duration 7 days
Price guide
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Exotic flavours, finely balanced textures and exquisite presentation. Japanese cuisine is an experience to be savoured. We’ll take you on a luxury gourmet tour with stays in two of Japan’s main cities to discover the epicurean delights of the east.

Trip highlights

  • Learn how to choose the freshest catches at a busy fish market
  • Try your hand at chef-led sushi and soba noodle making classes
  • Take part in a traditional tea ceremony
  • Visit the famous Fushimi sake breweries
  • Stop in Osaka, the 'Kitchen of Japan' to taste its celebrated street food
  • Explore ornate shrines and sites of cultural importance all along the way

Bespoke trips with Jacada

We design one-of-a-kind journeys incorporating luxury in all its forms. Our bespoke trips include:

  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Privately guided tours
  • Private transfers
  • Meticulously selected experiences
  • Expertise and support from your Jacada Concierge
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  • Days 1–4 Tokyo
  • Days 4–7 Kyoto
Luxury Gourmet Tour of Japan
Price guide
  • Days 1–4 Tokyo
  • Days 4–7 Kyoto

Itinerary in detail

Every Jacada trip is tailored to your personal preferences and interests. Below you’ll find a sample itinerary to inspire your own custom-designed journey.

Days 1–4

A taste of Tokyo

Tokyo is a city with an infectious energy that is like no other. Enjoy your time exploring this incredible metropolis visiting the city’s fascinating food markets and enjoying the freshest of sushi, discovering ornate shrines, ancient temples and touring small craft breweries. Be sure to make time to visit the Nihonbashi district to enjoy a traditional tea ceremony. And head to the Ginza district for a tour of the Food Courts, called ‘depa-chika’ in the basements of high-end department stores.

Make it mine

Sushi time

On tap

Noodle know-how

Market visit and sushi class

Visit the famed Tsukiji fish market which imports fish and seafood from 60 countries. A well-known Japanese sushi chef will take you into the wholesale area and help you to choose the freshest seafood for your sushi lesson at one of Japan’s finest restaurants. Make nigiri sushi, temari and seaweed wrapped maki sushi, as well as miso soup.

Craft brewery tour

You will visit one of the newly opened craft-beer bars offering 10 to 15 different varieties of beer, all crafted by small operating breweries using the highest quality malts, hops and yeasts and traditional techniques.

Soba noodle making class

Begin with tour of Asakusa, one of Tokyo oldest and best-preserved districts, seeing typical snacks and sweets on offer at various stalls along the way. Then enjoy a private soba noodle making class. Made of buckwheat flour, soba noodles have a very distinct taste.

Days 4–7

Kyoto flavours

Spend your time in Kyoto admiring the impressive imperial beauty of the city, evident in the abundance of prewar buildings such as grand palaces, traditional “machiya” townhouses and ornate shrines. Savour the tastes of the city with special cooking classes, traditional dinners and street market tours. See kimono-clad geisha on their way to engagements and stroll in the celebrated Ryoan-Ji rock garden. Make sure you visit the magnificent wooden Kiyomizu-Dera and the Golden and Silver Pavilion Temples. Your travel designer can help you to experience the city at its best with private guided tours and excursions.

Make it mine

Shrines and sake

Home cooking

Street food

Fushimiinari shrine and sake brewery visit

Fushimiinari Shrine was founded in the 9th century in honour of a fox that farmers believed was the messenger of the harvest god.  Visit the base or walk under the red gates to the top of the hill. The area is also known for its sake breweries. Learn the process of polishing rice, adding enzymes and yeast and the maturation process that is involved in sake production. And of course, enjoy samples.

Temple visit and cooking class

Travel to Kinkaku-Ji Golden Pavilion temple and the serene Ryoan-Ji temple with its celebrated rock garden, before participating in a private cooking class at a Japanese home. Learn how to use Japanese ingredients to bring out an ‘umami flavour’ and then enjoy them. 

Osaka tour with visit to Shinsaibashi

In Osaka, affectionately known as the ‘Kitchen of Japan’, you’ll visit the ancient Osaka castle.  Then move on to the Shinsaibashi, the city’s main shopping area known for its street food. Try favourites like takoyaki (balls of batter filled with minced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger and green onion); kushikatsu (deep-fried and battered meat or vegetable skewers); and okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes).

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Geisha district

Shojin Ryori lunch

Ingredient hunting

Gion geisha district tour

Visit the Geisha district of Gion, famed for its beautifully preserved traditional architecture. Keep your eyes open for Geisha on their way to an assignment. This is also a great opportunity for shopping in this craft-rich district.

Tenryu-Ji Temple and Bamboo Grove

Head to the beautiful district of Arashiyama for a welcome break from the city’s hustle and a visit to the Tenryu-Ji Temple. Take a relaxing stroll around the Bamboo Forests. Later at mountain retreat Okochi Sanso,  you’ll enjoy a unique Japanese meal of Shojin Ryori, based exclusively on vegetables, beans and roots.

Adashino Mebutsji and Otagi Nenbutsuji temples and Nishiji market visit

See the 8,000 stone Buddha and beautiful pagodas at Adashino Nembutsuji temple. Nearby is the quiet Otagi-Nenbutsuji temple, where you’ll find 1200 stone Rakan figures, carved by worshipers from 1981 to 1991. Return to Kyoto and visit the Nishiki market, a narrow shopping arcade with over 100 vendors. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover Kyoto’s distinctive culinary delicacies and stock up on ingredients.

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