Cascading rivers slice across a volcanic landscape, the world’s last Sumatran tigers prowl through rainforests and orang-utans swing among a steaming jungle – this is the fierce and bubbling land of Sumatra.

With a tropical climate and wild topography stretching to all corners of the isle, this biologically diverse patchwork boasts some of the most unique plants and animals on Earth. Those thirsty for adventure will be spellbound with hikes across spectacular volcano craters, dives with whale sharks and jungle treks to discover rhinos, elephants and our red-haired cousins.

An Indonesian island, Sumatra is also home to picture-perfect beaches, and with far less visitors than neighbouring Bali and Java, these sunny sands can be almost deserted. Traditional ethnic groups, devout Muslims and Batak Christians make up the medley of resident cultures here, which are just as rich and diverse as the enveloping natural scenery.

What to do

  • Meet the orang-utans in Bukit Lawang's rainforests.
  • Spot tigers and Sumatran rhinos in Kerinci Seblat's remote National Park.
  • Hike across volcanoes' lunar craters.
  • Lakeside and beachside lounging and surfing.