Java, Indonesia


With the Menoreh Hills rising gently behind and four volcanoes flanking either side

Striking Romanesque Luxury Overlooking the Temple of Borobudur

The luxurious and decadent Amanjiwo hotel is quite simply mesmerising.

Furthermore across the Kedu Plain, Amanjiwo looks out to Borobudur, the 9th century Buddhist sanctuary and UNESCO World Heritage site: the sole reason many come to Java.

Taking this site as inspiration, the shape of Borobudur is very much reflected in the architecture and style of Amanjiwo with its 36 suites set in two graceful crescents around a central rotunda. The suites feature high ceilings with domed roofs, outdoor sunken stone baths within a high walled garden, marble floors and a raised four poster bed. Some of the spacious sun terraces come with their own private pool offering ultimate privacy. High limestone walls give shape to the walkways that link the suites to the main building, and that winds down to the forty-metre infinity pool.

In spite of your privileged views, a private tour to Borobudur cannot be missed. Watching the shadows of the Buddha’s shift and the sky burn as the sun rises over Mount Merapi is truly a magical experience. We can arrange entry to the temple before dawn, avoiding the crowds, allowing plenty of time to reach the summit in relative peace.


36 rooms

Air conditioning

Infinity pool

Bar & restaurant


Tennis court


Art gallery

Gentle walks on Mt Merepi and more challenging treks in the Menorah Hills

Cycle around surrounding villages

Visit Yoyakarta and Solo to experience city life in Java

Elephant safari on Dagi Hills

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