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Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the legendary Komodo Dragon. The park is made up of three main islands – Komodo, Rinca and Padar – and the waters that separate them are full of vibrant marine life.

Most people make the journey to Komodo National Park to see its famous inhabitants, the fiersome predators that look like they stepped straight out of the Jurassic period.

Sightings of the indigenous Komodo Dragon are not guaranteed but they are common. We recommend cruising the Komodo Islands on one of our luxury private vessels with opportunities to explore both life on land and underwater all from the comfort of your cabin.

The islands of the park, which are part of the East Nusa Tenggara islands, are surrounded by shallow seas filled with life. In fact the diving and snorkelling in this region is some of the best the world.

When to go

June and July are ideal months to visit, as the weather is at its driest and calmest. However, between May and October is also fine as you will avoid the rainy season.


What to do

  • Dive and snorkel through some of the world's most impressive reefs.
  • Look out for the endangered Komodo Dragon.

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