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At a glance

This is an intrepid adventure with enough culture, beauty and outdoor fun to inspire the whole family. You’ll get to explore smoking volcanoes, lush rice paddies, beautiful coastline and ancient monuments while experiencing the incredible hospitality this part of the world is known for.

This trip is suited to families with teenage children and is packed with activites that everyone can enjoy. You’ll start in Munduk, exploring its waterfalls and plantations before heading to Menjangan via the Brahmavihara Arama monastery and Banjar hot springs.

Explore West Bali National Park on horseback and by foot, while also taking some time to relax at your luxury hotel, spending some quality time together as a family. It’s then onto Java, where you’ll spend the first few days exploring the magnificent Ijen volcano, whose vaporous clouds look especially dramatic at surise. Bromo volcano awaits next, and you’ll witness it in the late afternoon and at surise to avoid the crowds.

After a night in Malang, you’ll make your way to the incredible Amanjiwo property – the perfect place to finish. This is such a special place and here you can relax, explore your idyllic surroundings and witness the awe inspiring Borobudur temple complex.


Example trip itinerary

Days 1-3


Flights & transfers


VIP meet and greet at Denpasar Airport


Private transfer to your hotel in Munduk

Accommodation in Munduk

Two nights in Munduk Two nights in Munduk

This village nestled in the mountains of Bali's northern coast is surrounded by lush forests, beautiful waterfalls and coffee and cocoa plantations. It's perfect for travellers who enjoy hiking and exploring nature. As you follow the many trails and tracks in the area, you're bound to happen upon small villages.

Trekking to Munduk's waterfalls Trekking to Munduk's waterfalls

Today you will get to visit three waterfalls near your resort. The path down to the beautiful waterfalls is densely planted with clove and coffee trees as well as avocado, taro, banana and durian trees. Enjoy glimpses of the west coast of Bali, and stop along the way to chat with farmers. The first waterfall you will reach is Empelan. The next waterfall has a cave behind it in which hundreds of bats live. The final waterfall is Laangan, the perfect place for a dip in the mountain water. Munduk lies at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level offering fresh cool mountain air.

Private transfer to Menjangan via Brahmavihara Arama monastery and Banjar hot springs Private transfer to Menjangan via Brahmavihara Arama monastery and Banjar hot springs

The Buddhist monastery, Brahmavihara Arama, was built in the late 20th centure, and is located on a hill in Banjar Village overlooking Bali’s North Sea. After exploring the monastery, you will visit the sacred hot springs of Banjar, known as Air Panas. The springs are set in the midst of the jungle in a beautifully landscaped tropical garden. The sulphuric water flows from a natural volcanic source, giving a very pleasant temperature of around 37°C. Locals believe that it can heal people suffering from rheumatic diseases. There are three parts to the site, two of which are pools and another a water spout.

Days 3-6


Accommodation in Menjangan

Three nights in Menjangan Three nights in Menjangan

Spend your time exploring the vibrant underwater world and lush interior of this national park.

Horse Riding Horse Riding

Experience the beauty of the national park on horseback, taking in views of the jungle and beach. These faithful Australian horses know these woods inside out and you will be guided by the resort’s trained staff who tailor each trek to suite your riding ability.

West Bali National Park walking West Bali National Park walking

Explore the jungle on foot, listen to your guide sharing their stories about this beautiful region. Find out which leaf to use for antiseptic and which one to grab for the perfect manicure. Discover some of the best views only reachable by foot, and discover the flora and fauna of the park. Chance upon a monitor lizard sunning himself on a warm rock or a family of monkeys in search of lunch, and keep quiet to discover the Menjangan, a unique species of deer.

Private speedboat transfer to Banyuwangi Private speedboat transfer to Banyuwangi
Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel near Ijen

Days 6-8


Accommodation in Ijen

Seven nights around Java Seven nights around Java

Home to over half of Indonesia’s population as well as its sprawling capital, Jakarta, Java is a hugely diverse and fascinating place. Head away from the cities and you’ll discover a landscape of smouldering volcanoes, lush rice paddies and ethereal temples. Java is Indonesia’s fifth largest island and stretches 600 miles from east to west, with a string of volcanoes running along its central belt. We can help you explore the quieter, pristine parts of Java on private tours that help you fully appreciate the beauty of the island. Trek the Menoreh Hills or climb 3,000 feet to the summit of Mount Merapi; visit fragrant tea and coffee plantations; travel by horseback to the top of Mount Bromo for sunrise; and visit Kawah Ijen volcano with its pungent smells and mystical views across the eerie sulphuric crater lake.

Mount Ijen sunrise hike Mount Ijen sunrise hike

Marvel at the awesome beauty of Java’s Mount Ijen at its most atmopsheric time - sunrise. At approximately 2am, you will make your way through rural villages, coffee and clove plantations, and rainforest to Paltuding. From the park ranger's post, walk up the Ijen plateau and through the hilly landscape until you reach the crater edge. The stunning view is unveiled at 2,368m altitude. The reward of your effort is a breathtaking view and during clear weather, you may see the great turquoise sulfur lake. Mount Ijen is the most acid volcano in the world and the fumaroles are so hot that sulfur comes out as green vapor. The vapor is collected by a large pipe and when it condenses, it forms red rivulets of liquid sulfur that then freeze to create solid deposits, which are then collected - an incredibly hard job. After spending some time at the crater, you'll make your way back down.

Kaliklatak plantation Kaliklatak plantation

Kaliklatak plantation, which was originally owned by Dutch company, started out growing coffee, rubber and cocoa but has since expanded to include pepper, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut and various types of fruits. At the highest point, at about 850 metres above sea level, you can see views of the city of Banyuwangi, the Bali Strait, Blambangan Peninsula, and the island of Bali.

Flights & transfers


Train from Banyuwangi to Probolingo


Private transfer to your hotel near Bromo

Days 8-9


Accommodation in Bromo

Late afternoon Bromo crater visit Late afternoon Bromo crater visit

Visit Bromo crater late afternoon to avoid the crowds. You'll go by pony to the starting point of stairs then make your way up to the crater itself. Afterwards, you'll drive to Penanjakan Hill to watch the sun set.

Sunrise over Mount Bromo from Argo Wulan Sunrise over Mount Bromo from Argo Wulan

Leave before dawn for the drive and hour long hike to Argo Wulan, a special spot where there are no other people. We need to walk for an hour to get this point. From this hidden spot, take in the stunning sunrise view of Bromo and Semeru Mountain before returning to your hotel for breakfast.

Private transfer to Malang via Coban Pelangi waterfall Private transfer to Malang via Coban Pelangi waterfall

Coban Pelangi is located near the village of Gubug Kelakah. The waterfall flows 30m from the cliffs which are surrounded by lush greenery.

Days 9-11


Accommodation in Malang

Malang city tour Malang city tour

Enjoy a fascinating tour of the ‘Paris of East Java’, with a guided tour around the cultural heart of Malang. With a history stretching back over a thousand years, the city is a rich amalgam of Javanese temples, Dutch colonial architecture and modern progress, all set against the stunning backdrop of volcanic peaks and the lush contrast of the beautiful Indonesian countryside

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to Surabaya airport


Flight from Juanda to Adisutjipto


Private transfer to your hotel in Yogyakarta

Days 11-13


Accommodation in Yogyakarta

Mount Merapi sunrise trek Mount Merapi sunrise trek

Meet your professional volcano climber at the hotel lobby and together you will make your way to Selo Village, located on the slopes of Merapi Mountain, for the start of your hike. At around midnight, after a safety briefing at base camp, you will start hiking to the peak - a trek which takes approximately 5-6 hours. You should reach the peak for sunrise where you will have the chance to take pictures of Merapi Mountain with other mountains, including Sindoro, Sumbing and Merbabu, in the background. As you enjoy the view, food will be prepared and after tucking into your freshly cooked breakfast, you will begin the descent.

Borobudur at sunset Borobudur at sunset

The Borobudur Temple is an outstanding dynastic monument of the Syailendra Dynasty that ruled Java for around five centuries until the 10th century. You'll visit at a particularly magical time, enjoying watching the sun slowly setting and a mighty volcano emerge from the shadows. Total silence befalls the ancient monument, and you turn on your torch to take in the intricate relief carvings along the walls. The experience starts at 5pm, when it closes for public visiting. You will have until 6.30pm to enjoy the temple before it closes completely.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to Adisutjipto International Airport

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