Smoking volcanos rise up out of turquoise waters; beautiful bays unfold to reveal deserted white-sand beaches; secluded coves fringed by lush tropical growth and far flung villages gently beckon. Explore the captivating Indonesian archipelago onboard a luxurious yacht with Jacada Travel, and you’ll discover the true magic of this exotic island group.

Follow the call of the sea on a voyage around the exciting Komodo Islands, diving amongst pristine coral reefs; witness the staggering scenery of the dazzling Raja Ampat archipelago; tour the remarkable Gili islands; or embark on a spice-route cruise, designed for spotting the best wildlife the islands have to offer.

We have a range of exquisite yachts for you to choose, from one-cabin vessels where you and your partner are the only passengers served by a highly professional crew, to magnificent boats capable of hosting groups of up to ten people. Whichever you choose, you can look forward to reclining on the deck, soaking up the Indonesian sun and scenery.

Browse our elegant vessels and then speak to our travel designers to create your perfect trip through Indonesia‘s incredible islands.

What to do

  • Dive and snorkel through some of the world's most impressive reefs
  • Look out for the endangered Komodo Dragon